Alternative to traditional school discipline - Plan B = collaborative problem solving

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    Instead of rewards, punishments and consequences , deal with the actual problems in a collaborative way
    here is an example of how cps is used in school , also the eg is useful for the home

    Dr Greene's book - Lost st school - check out the answers

    I hope this helps

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    Of course I agree with the methods. I would guess, however, that it would take a strong united coalition to impact local school
    implementation. It's sad. DDD
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    I just had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Greene at an all-day workshop last Wednesday. He has a new website:

    I agree with his methods as well, but we couldn't convince our son's school to implement them. We ended up having to send our son to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) all the way in Utah to get him in an environment where he felt understood, respected and emotionally safe. And he's now he's thriving!
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    Looks good on paper ~ the problem is getting not just one school, but an entire SD to settle on Dr. Greene's methods. A SD is enmeshed in decades of bureaucracy & you cannot implement in one school with-o a school board meeting in which any number of educators could disagree/object.

    It's a sad thing that SDs cannot see the good in some of these programs. by the way, Allen, do you get recompensed for all the "advertising" you do for this fellow? :)
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    Even if I did get something for promoting CPS , I would still be indebted to Dr Greene for not only helping my family , but empowering me also as a person. Dr Greene is not helping by making avaliable so many resources free on the internet including a 2x weekly radio show , one for parents /home and one for parents/teachers - school where he answers questions and gives advice for free - see details on the site.

    CPS is making inroads into several SDs with Dr Greene and Dr Ablon- working with schools.

    Traditional school discipline certainly does not teach lacking skills or promote trust needed for learning , but makes matters worse.
    And even when traditional discipline works in getting compliance it does not promote moral responsibility just avoiding punishment and not getting caught. Actually zero toleance policies have made schools more unsafe. So there are good reasons for schools to ' work with ' kids than ' doing ' to them


    So there are good reasons
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    Allan, you do know that Dr. Greene and Dr. Ablon no longer work together. Their websites are now separate.
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    Geez, Allen, get a sense of humor. You do realize that while the problem solving concept that is presented is a good one ~ it isn't the end all be all in every child; every situation.

    I'm glad for you & your family this has had such a tremendous impact. In my home it was an abysmal failure.

    I truly believe this concept depends on the child, the diagnosis, the ability of the child to work on these concepts. When a child has no currency ~ no sense of self it's not happening.

    Our SDs are currently facing a huge financial crisis ~ bringing in new programs & training the staff for said programs isn't going to happen right now. I wish it would - I think it would be marvelous with many children.
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    timer lady ,
    the one thing I do have is a sense of humor , the lateral thinking - even if Dr Greene paid me I would still be in debt. But you are right I did not show it , in how I wrote my response .

    I also wanted to make the point how much help is offered for free and how much indebted we should feel.

    As to the question why CPS appears not to work this is my 2cents ( I can't say about your situation )

    1 CPS is a process - it takes 30-40 cps experiences for a kid and adult to begin to acquire the skills and also trust the process . Also general chatting perspective taking, identifying concerns , talking about others helps kids acquire a problem solving mindset. Kids acquire the ability to work with the concepts while on the job. These discussions also help a kid get a sense of self and of others as well.
    2. When I talk about a kid having no currency , I usually take it to mean that we can't leverage the kid's behavior using consequences or rewards. The main focus of cps is addressing the kid's concerns and having them addressed in appropriate ways
    3 I do believe in the 10% principle of complementing CPS with interventions that are ' working with the child' - maybe medication for chronic mood or impulsivity , learning mindfullness or other relaxation techniques , sport , having a hobby or interest , mentors , healthy diet , good sleep , positive peers , maybe a new environment which teaches skills , emotionally empowering where staff can reach a kid.
    4 our kids can have plenty baggage of unsolved problems , difficulties in handling the art of living - it is a learning process that takes place on the job , not in a classroom.

    It is hard, hard, hard work , a long process , but for me still a lot easier than trying to control my difficult child with reward and consequences.

    Some sds are moving away from punishment - you catch more flies with honey than vinegar using PBS - positive behavior support programs , also with skills training ( direct and top down ) , but not collaborating with the child.

    to sign off with good advice

    If you have a headache , take a bottle of aspirin and do what it says on the bottle - take 2
    keep away from children