Always the Quiet Ones...The Paper Didn't Bleed....


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Having three girls in the house, two of which difficult children, it is very difficult to know what to expect on a day to day baisis. One thing that I have always been able to expect, though, is that my easy child, the 3 year old, is going to be adventurous and "quietly mischevious". The problem with this is, I spend so much time focusing on the other two, who it is easy to tell when they are in trouble. Almost always, if they are quiet and you don't see them for a few minutes, you can just about bet they are doing something they shouldn't be. But the three year old, she is always quiet and prefers NOT to have people attending to her unless she needs something.

So she wanted to do a craft project today, and I told her she could have crayons and glue, but NO SCISSORS. She was doing fine, sitting at the table, gluing pieces of paper together that she tore apart because I wouldn't let her cut. So, it was time for difficult child (13 year old) to be home from school and she was supposed to get difficult child (5 year old) off the bus when it got to her school, and I seen her walk up to the house with her daily collection of "groupies", but no little sister. I walked out on the porch and asked where her sister was, and she had forgotten to get her off the bus. So her boyfriend offered to run back over there and try to catch the bus, and I thanked him and headed back inside. Boy was it a mess when I went back into the house!!!! My 3 yeaar old had snuck upstairs (she's so QUICK) into difficult child (13 year old)'s room and stole her scissors and was trying to use them at the table, and cut her finger!! As soon as I opened the door I heard SCREAMING and went into my dining room to their craft table and found her sitting in a POOL of blood. Of course, I started freaking out and tried to get something to wrap her hand up, and I could not get it to stop bleeding. So what else do you do besides call your mother????? So she's getting ready to go on an Amais Walk for church and is already running late and can't leave. So instead of mom, I get daddy dearest to rush over to my house (they only live across the railroad tracks from us) and he helps me stop the bleeding, calm the screaming child, and clean up the mess. Once we determined that she didn't need stitches, I started to feel better, but then once she was calm, my dad asked his grand-daughter, who is no longer screaming, but still quietly whining with a few tears on her cheeks, if this was an accident, and she sniffles and looks down and says "no". And he says, okay, so why did you cut yourself with the scissors? She looks up at him, " I just wanted to know what would happen. I didn't know that I would make BLOOD come out!!! The PAPER DIDN"T BLEED when I cut it!!!!"

Needless to say, I think it is about time to take another trip through my house and make sure that EVERY ROOM, including difficult child's bedroom is KIDPROOF!!!!


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Ohhhhh! Kids are so funny that way.
Actually, I would trust her with-scissors now. Supervised, of course. But I think she has learned her lesson.

My neice, C, used to have goldfish when she was about 5. One day, my sister found her in the kitchen, crying and upset, leaning over a paper towel. "Oh, Mommy, I think they're dead!"
My sister leaned over to see a whole row of beautiful goldfish, lined up on a paper towel, dead as doornails.

"I just wanted to pet them," C wailed.


by the way, there is no such thing as totally kidproofing a house. No matter what you do, they'll find a way. They're clever little monkeys. But don't blame yourself. It's just what it is.


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.....Flowers dont bleed either but when my son cut all of my perenials to make me a boquet I saw red. Does that count?

I'm guessing she won't sneak scissors again. Poor baby. Kisses for the boo boo. And MOM - don't feel bad about the blood. I can give triage to a car wreck victim but when my own son or family bleeds I get weak in the knees, and pass out.

Maybe a good time to put a little fridge note up with emergency numbers. Police, ambulance, hospital, poison control, emergency contact if something were to happen to you and a fire drill. Check the batteries in the smoke detectors things like that. Call it September Safety Month.

Glad you made it through the crisis. I know I would have hit the floor.



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3 yr. old learned the scissors lesson the hard way, did 5 yr. old get home okay? Being a mom isn't for sissies......

Tomorrow is a new day, hope its better (and it will be cause now your kids are even smarter).........



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I think she's learned her lesson, the hard way unfortunately, but my guess is she's got it down now.

I hope the 5 year old made it off the bus okay.

I call my mom too when my kids get hurt. I'm useless.


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She is so cute! The paper didn't bleed...... too cute!

I guess she learned her lesson and maybe it will be used as a reminder that mom knows what she is talking about.

I would assume 5yo got home OK. Did 13yo get a stern talking to about forgetting her!!


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Now that the crisis is over, I agree, it is pretty funny about the paper thing...

The 5 year old has everyday orders to ride the bus to grandma's house after school, but since grandma was in such a rush, I was just trying to save her some time by bringing my 5 year old home from school with her sister. We live right next door to the 13 year old's school, so it isn't much of a walk. But since she didn't get off the bus, she still just rode to grandma's house, and my mother, the saint, made time to bring her home.

So all is fine, they are doing great now!!!


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That sounds like something my difficult child would have done and said at that age. I am so glad she wasn't seriously hurt. It's funny how little children think. Their so cute and say the cutest things.

What she said was cute but sad she got hurt. She sounds like a very bright and curious little girl. I doubt she will harm herself with scissors again if she can help it. Now might be a good time to have that talk about knives and broken glass with her.

Hope your five year old is safely home and the 13 yr old feels at least a little guilty over leaving her baby sister on the bus :rolleyes: