Am I dreaming?

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    This email came to me from PO today after counselor suggested that I email PO about the forum difficult child was invited to and lo and behold, PO said difficult child would be allowed to go as long as there were no parole violations beforehand. I emailed back and thanked him and asked him to please tell me when he'd decided upone a release date so I could get schools to coordinate final exams. This is what he sent back:

    So are we back to Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde or is he about to release difficult child? And why wouldn't you be requesting release if a PO feels this way?
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    Darn, I wish I felt better and could absorb the message. Sounds good. Meanwhile I still have the "cough" bug and am still not smoking. Not a good time for me to be "with it". Hugs DDD
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    Sounds wonderful but I am sure you are also very very cautious. But if you have this email he can't very well suddenly say he is not meeting expectations.
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    So true what Buddy says. Print it out and file it away for the future.
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    This guy seems to have multiple personalities that are not talking to each other. I would save this in several places (print and on the computer) to use if/when he changes his tune again. Maybe he realizes that you are moving and some other PO will look at the file and wonder WTH??? about what this PO was doing? Be super cautious. I think he is right about difficult child, esp about the support system that difficult child has (esp YOU!), but I don't know what he is up to. He has been very untrustworthy, so be careful.

    I am THRILLED that he sees so much good stuff in difficult child though!!! My board nephew is coming along, isn't he??
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    I'm short on time this morning but wanted to jump on and say it's what PO is NOT saying that has me worried, given PO's hx with us. There's not the least reassurance that he intends on difficult child being released from detention to my custody or that he'll be released relatively soon if things keep going as they are or anythhing else he might want to see before difficult child is released.
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    Share it with the Counselor at your next meeting and see what interpretation you get. DDD
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    Excellent idea, DDD! I understand what you are saying, klmno, and I doubt he will EVER put anything in writing or even tell you verbally because that would take away his power and lock him into something - which would take away all his jollies from jerking families around when they can't stop him.

    I really pray that difficult child is released soon!
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    Well, I actually did get a little reassurance today. I have been responding nicely to him since he's been acknowledging things difficult child is doing well and my cooperation so today he did email stating that yes, as long as things are proceeding as they are now, difficult child will be released directly to my custody from the detention center and he will try to work around final exams.

    So, I think counselor probably said something to PO about my stress level popping up so high about not having this reassurance and it was interfering with my ability to stay focused on my and difficult child's family counseling. Also, I think counselor was right about this forum invitation proving to PO that difficult child really does have potential and opportunity to do more than the typical kid in Department of Juvenile Justice.

    Now, this is opportunity for me to show that as long as difficult child and I aren't getting jerked around and wrenches aren't being thrown for no good reason, I can and will stay focused on the other things because my stress level drops back down to normal.

    Back to the townhouse situation- the one with 1 1/2 baths that I had an app in on last week then was told they were signing a lease with a person who already had an app in- that lease didn't get signed at the last min so I put another app in for it this evening and should find out tomorrow. I can go ahead and get it and work a report that I have officially moved into a schedule that won't hold up any potential relase for difficult child. I'm hoping he can be released sometime in April so he'll be able to study the materials for final exams at that high school before exam dates actually roll around. I'd put the whole idea of moving onn hold now except it would mean moving in the summer causing difficult child to have to transfer to yet another sd and I am not happy in this TH due to the landlord not fixing anything or even having the fireplace clean when I moved in. I'm pursuing the one I said I had an app in on but if it doesn't work out, I can at least not feel frantic now about difficult child's release and placement and won't feel pressured for time. The guidance counselor at the sd in this jurisdiction was great when I met with her- I haven't visited the other sd but they are known for being a much better sd and that would be better on a diploma.
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    I can only hope so!

    But I still agree with-this: This guy seems to have multiple personalities that are not talking to each other.

    Fingers crossed.