Am I right to be disheartened?...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, Apr 9, 2012.

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    At visitaton at the Behavioral Health Unit last night, Carson was in a good mood. TOO good of a mood. Obvious he was manic. Like a 3 year old on speed. Hes been in the hospital since Thursday. Im not seeing any improvement... Except he was HAPPY instead of ****** and agressive. Hes still manic. I dont know the dosage of his Depakote. Or how much Strattera theyve cut back. Hes supposed to (tentively) be released on Thursday. I dont see him being ready...or me being ready. Or school...

    This morning I called to tell him good morning...he was still asleep. 2 hours after "wake up". Turns out they had to give him Zyprexa to calm him down. So hes sleeping in.

    I'm tired. Confused. Sad.
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    I would push back at them regarding discharge. If they had to give a PRN of Zyprexa to calm him down, he is not ready. (For a psychiatric hospital to need a PRN with all their staff is not a thing to be taken lightly.)

    I would also call and ask what his current medications and doses are. If he has just started on the Depakote, it could take weeks to see an effect.
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    I'm with JJJ... they do not have him stabilized. I wouldn't be concerned with him being there... more concerned that they would send him home like this?
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    I think you are absolutely right to be disheartened. I would do as JJJ suggested and push back HARD at that discharge date. Keep in mind, however, that many times the discharge date is determined by the insurance provider. Our difficult child was hospitalized to the 10 day Medicaid maximum and was having a full-blown tantrum at the time she was discharged - no where NEAR ready to come home in my opinion....but, that was it.
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    Gee, I'm sorry. I have no words of wisdom, just gentle hugs to send to you. I do understand, "tired, confused and sad." Been there lots of times. I sincerely hope this path gets simpler and easier very soon. My mother's heart sends your mother's heart lots of nurturing care......
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    I agree with the others that it does not sound like he has been stabilized. Can you call your insurance provider and ask what the maximum number of days is that they will pay for him to stay at the hospital?