Am I the only one who can keep track of when bills are due?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. DammitJanet

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    do any others of you have this issue? No one else in my house seems to be able to able to understand that every pay day we have to pay on one bill or another. That is how I have set it up with Tony. I dont actually have exact bills coming due on his exact paydays but I just put the money away from each payday for they day its due because half of them are auto paid out of my account.

    Billy on the other hand has suddenly become a problem with paying his electric bill. Our bill is due today and I just went in and paid out part of it right now and I noticed he hasnt done it yet. Normally he does it at least a week in advance. I know he got fairly large check his last payment due to some overtime. He should have paid it then. I just sent him a text which he will get when he wakes up. I dont want to see the electric folks sitting in my yard to cut off my power this morning! I dont have the money in my account to pay it off.

    Tony might realize that he needs to have bills paid out of each paycheck but which ones he would have no clue which is really said because I have them sent to his cell phone each month from my google calendar. LOL
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    No, you are not. I think your guys don't bother because they figure you will take care of it for them.

    I am sorry that Billy is putting you in a postion to fear that the power will be cut off. I hope a strong warning, and maybe taking some of the power cords to his computer stuff will help him not do this in the future. He pays almost nothing toward supporting himself and to be late on what little he does pay is simply not okay. I would use your health to guilt him over this. What happens if it is dark and you are in the bathroom and fall because you cannot see? I am sure you can think of more things. If it happens again, don't remove his power cords. When the power is off, take some wire cutters or tin snips and cut a few of the cords. They will cost to fix, and that should stink enough to remind him to pay his bills on time so that he does not endanger you. Or go in sometime in the middle of the night and turn his lights on. Tell him you woke up worried that the power had been cut because he didn't pay his bll and you needed to check to amke sure it was on. You didn't want to disturb his favorite uncle by turning the light in the living room on.

    A few nights of that spread over a week should be memorable enough to get the bill paid on time.

    Or if it is turned off and his room is dark, make a shallow bowl of jello, applesauce, pudding, whatever. Put it on the bed where he would normally sit. Make sure his lights are off and if they can be turned on, unplug them. When he gets upset because why is it there, tell him you wanted to make sure he had a nice snack that his fave uncle didn't snarf before he got home, but with-o lights you couldn't tell where you put it. Be sure to act as though this was truly your intention.
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    LOL, Janet - you are not the only one. If I were to die today, I don't believe there's a soul in this house who would consider paying a bill until the lights went out and the water got shut off. And still... no one would have a clue on *how* to pay the bills.

    I let husband pay bills once, when I was in the hospital with- the twins. When he brought me the mail a week later and I discovered our credit card bill in there, he was banned from *ever* touching our bills again. He'd very carefully paid the cc bill, put the check and the invoice in the envelope, but failed to make sure the address of the cc company was visible through the window - he mailed the durned thing back to us!!!
  4. DammitJanet

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    Well, I got a hold of Billy. Evidently he thought he did pay it at the first of the month but it didnt go through because he checked his cards. He paid it this morning before he left for work.

    Slsh.....oh that is so true about no one knowing how or where the bills are. When I was sick with the meningitis and completely out of it, they had no clue. Thankfully my car payment sent a notice and Billy called them and they asked...the same debit card? He said I had several things on auto pay and Tony could put money in my account and take things out using my ATM. Thankfully I had given him my PIN number before I got sick. Billy did know my password to get onto the computer and some of my passwords were saved. He figured most out but Tony would have never been able to do that.
  5. AnnieO

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    My husband can and does pay bills, electronically... But he has no idea when anything's due. We've gotten late notices because he didn't know it was time to pay them. Even with reminders in his email. Me... I guess when they're due and rarely is anything late.
  6. Hound dog

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    It was all up to me until I had to lay in in Fred's lap after the accident. I figured that out by the 2nd month we were married. lol
  7. InsaneCdn

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    husband doesn't watch due dates... he pays them the day they come in, even if it isn't due for 3 months (e.g. ppty taxes, which is a HUGE bill)... so, I'm the one who pays the bills because I track the dates.