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    Just thinking of you- How did it go today?
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    Been thinking of you...
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    hello, the day went, it was a waste of time, and I am annoyed with the court , probation officer and DYFS worker! When the certified letter had come, it had an application for the public defender. I asked the DYFS worker if it was actually the court hearing or not, he said yes it was and he'd be there. I called the Probation Officer 8 times in the past 2 weeks and she has not called me back once. I get to court today and all it was, was 15 minutes of me handing in the form for public defender and being approved (again). difficult child I was sitting there with me, and in walks the kid (with his Mom) who had stole the stolen PS3 right out of difficult child I's hands a month ago! Irony ehy?

    So I left work early for nothing and will have to miss more work on the 24th (the date of the actual court hearing), the girl who took the forms, tells me "oh you could've just mailed it in" I am like "where does it say that anywhere" she says "no sorry it doesn't" grrr hissss, sigh...............

    Oh and I had emailed S2BX the time & place today, thinking maybe he'd plan on coming to support his child (however maybe he'd be afraid they'd arrest him on the spot for back owed Child Support) but regardless he did not show up, shocking
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    Sorry your day was wasted and things continue to drag on. Gotta love the court system, so considerate!
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    How frustrating! I don't know why it seems like the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing in juvenile courts, at least. Maybe the extra time before court will work in his favor though, if he goes to work and doesn't violate the rules anymore. I posted on the thread about my difficult child about this, but in case you don't see it, I'll mention here too- you might want to ask the defense attny to request being home on the monitor in lieu of being detained if it looks like the judge is considering detention.

    Keep us posted!!
  6. I'm sorry it was a waste of time for you. I hope it works out and like klmno said, maybe difficult child I could get the monitor instead of detention.


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    Aaaaarggh! You could have just MAILED it in? OMG.
    How frustrating.