Amazing Grace, the movie

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    Did you see it? I recorded on HBO the other night and husband and I watched it last night. Add this to the list of inspirational, feel good movies. It's the story of William Wilberforce, whose pastor was the man who wrote Amazing Grace. He was inspired to go to parliament and fight to abolish the Brittish slave trade. I'm sure that it was more romaticized for Hollywood, but what a great story. At the end of the movie, a man got up and spoke of heros, like the great war heros of the time and how the get all the glory and parades and whatnot, yet William Wilberforce, through his tireless work, became a hero, would not get the parades and accolades, but he's a hero, nonetheless. Now that's a feel-good movie.
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    I never saw the movie - but did read a biography about him a few years ago. He was truly an 'amazing' man with an 'amazing' story to tell.
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    YES!!! Love dit so much, I own it :) It's definatley a favorite!!!
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    I really enjoyed this movie also.