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    My face has been breaking out very badly, because of hormonal issues I believe. I have really gotten into natural remedies and investigating things that will improve my health. Very interesting. This is something that I have personally tried and it is amazing. It is a combination of 1 tablespoon flour, 1 tsp tumeric powder, 1 squeeze of honey and a couple drops of milk. I used almond milk and soy milk because that's what I drink. It makes a very yellow paste because of the tumeric. I had 5 pimples at one time, bad breakout. I used it twice and do not have a trace of a pimple at all. Skin feels very fresh and looks wonderful. Apply the paste on your face and let sit for 15 minutes. You will feel it dry like a regular store bought mask. This is very cheap and is better than any face mask that I have purchased. One important thing, make sure that you buy tumeric, just tumeric no additives and no food colorings. Whatever you do not use, refrigerate and use again. Tumeric and honey both have healing properties and I absolutely cannot believe the change in my skin, in two days. I had to share the information, please try this if you have any acne, pimples. It is wonderful for any type of skin and I have also heard that people use this mask for roseaca and have never had another issue with it unless they don't give themselves regular facials. I cannot wait to see what my skin looks and feels like in a couple fo weeks.
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    This read like a commercial, Jody :) Glad it worked so well.
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    Will old tumeric do? I've got a jar I bought for mother in law and she never used it and can't bring myself to toss it. I'll try it anyway - sounds nice!
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    I had to reread my post and it does sound like a commercial!! hahaha. I am not selling anything though. Just wanted everyone to know that it works really well. I haven't found anything that works like this at the store, and cannot afford to buy the face products that I used to. Now I never will again. I wish I had that money back. lol. One draw back, my dog Broady took one look at me and ran in to lay down on my bed, it's not an attractive fase mask, but when is a face mask attractive? It smells, but the benefits are great. I have a lot of small blemishes on my upper arms, I am going to try it on those this week and see if it helps remove any of them. It's worth a try.
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    My tumeric was old too, just make sure it doesn't have food coloring in it. I didn't have any issues with skin turning color at all and I am fair skinned. I just can't wait to see it it helps my arms. I rarely wear short sleeves because of these blemishes. it would be nice to be able to have that cleared up.
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    What is tumeric? Where do you get it? I'd love a cheap, homemade facial!
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    I was just wondering the same thing. I have heard of Tumeric but not quite sure. I guess I will google it LOL Anyhow, thanks for the tip. I have been breaking out like a teenager lately...
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    Tumeric is a spice - not so commonly used in North America, but quite common in other cultures.
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    Do you get it at the supermarket? Or do you get it at the health food store? How much is it? TIA!
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    You can get turmeric at most grocery stores. I get a lot of spices from because they are very fresh, fast and cheap shipping, often if you buy something you get a freebie that is listed on the home page plus you get a free sample of one of a very long list of spices to choose from. Last time I got a sample from them it was 1/4 inch diced jalepeno that had been dried. It didn't last an entire evening here - husband and thank you ate it liek it was candy, lol! Their prices, even after shipping, are extremely good compared to any stores around me.

    Turmeric is often used in dishes that call for saffron because it gives the yellow color that you must use a lot of saffron to get (or know how to properly use saffron, and not many in the US use a lot of it) and because saffron is so incredibly expensive and turmeric is not. It is also used in a lot of Indian foods, I think.

    I am sure old turmeric would not hurt you to use, but you will get the best benefits from fresh. If Jody got that kind of result from old turmeric, think how fresh would work!

    If you have sensitive skin, consider washing it with oatmeal and water instead of soaps or cleansers. Just take a handful of oats (old fashioned or quick cooking, both work), get them wet, and work them into your skin. They will remove dirt and oil, will exfoliate very very gently, will soothe problem skin/rashes, and is totally biodegradeable, unlike so many cleansers. If you need something a bit stronger, add a pinch or two of baking soda to the oats. I keep a jar in the bathroom with oats and some baking soda mixed in and use that on my skin.
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    If your grocery store doesn't handle it (ours does), try an ethnic grocer... East Indian, Indonesian, anything from that part of the world.

    I have no idea if a health food store would carry this - never looked.
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    Turmeric is of course the main constituent of curry powder and will be found in any Indian shop :)