AMAZING Peanut Butter Choc Chunk Cookies Gluten Free Even

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    I stumbled across this recipe which is incredible and thought that many here would love it. They MUST be chilled before cooking, but they are easy to make and sooo good. The website has other amazing recipes but not all are gluten free.

    I hope you can realize what it means when I recommend a peanut butter recipe. The only time I was sick while preg with Wiz was the night before I got married. There was some added stress from an adopted grandmother who chose then to show her total witch side to me. husband's fave food is a nasty combo of peanut butter, powdered sugar and raw eggs. He INSISTED that we serve them at the reception, and as it was his only request, I made them. I was not that big a PB fan before that night, but since then it brings back the morning sickness feeling. It is the only food that does, oddly, as I had a ton more morning sickness with the other kids.

    So for me to say these are amazing is a BIG compliment.
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    Thank you:D. easy child/difficult child 3 can't eat anything with gluten in it and loves both peanut butter and chocolate. I bookmarked the recipe and will make a batch to bring to her when I visit her this summer. Would love to check out the recipe now but my kitchen is in the process of being renovated and as of this moment, should be declared a disaster zone.
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    Thank you! I'm going to bookmark these right now before I forget. Wish my kitchen was in better shape...

    P.S. I could bookmark the cupcake one but the page for the cookie one wasn't there, must have been moved but I'm sure I can find it since I have the main site. Thank you in advance from difficult child/easy child 3 too!!
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    I have a feeling that these would end up like goo in my hands.
    I can't believe it's just brown sugar, vanilla, peanut butter, baking soda, and chocolate chunks. Am I missing something?