Amazingly wonderful news! I can't believe my new status!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Estherfromjerusalem, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Well, all my lovely friends, this is hard to believe, that althought I am the mother of a difficult child (which keeps me young!!??!!), I am a GREATGRANDMOTHER!!!!! (which makes me very old, although I a "only" 65). Half an hour ago my granddaughter gave birth to a son who weighs almost 3 kilos which is about 6 and a half pounds. I am sooooo excited and am sharing it with you all. As the Jewish New Year starts on Wednesday night, this is a glorious way to start the New Year.

    Had to share it with you all immediately.

    Love, Esther
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    Congratulations Esther! While grandparents are cool, great grandparents are the best. All the best to your granddaughter & happy birthday to your great grandson.
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    Esther, you are much too young to be a greatgrandmother, but I'll take your word for it and am sending you my congratulations!
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    I promise you it is true. I am 65. I had my oldest at 23. She went and got married before 19, and had her daughter before 20. So her daughter who is now just 22 has just had this, her first child.

    When I think about my difficult child, it is all a bit of a muddle of generations. Our difficult child is still living at home (he's just 24), and for example on Friday night he behaved disgustingly at the table, I said something and he flew off the handle, had a (admittedly small) meltdown and stormed out of the house, whereupon I sighed a great sigh of relief and we got on with our meal. This happens all the time. He is looking for an apartment to rent with a friend (boy), and I just can't wait. I hate having him live here at home. He's working, so he can afford to pay rent. He behaves disgustingly almost all the time.

    I spoke to my granddaughter on the phone just before. She sounds happy and tired. My husband and I will travel to visit her tomorrow (by bus and train to the north of the country). It is so nice: my daughter (the new grandmother) works in the maternity ward of that hospital, so she will be looking after her own daughter and grandson! I can't wait to see them all. Now I must buy some presents for the new mother and her baby -- I think a nice blanket for the baby. What shall I get my granddaughter? Maybe a robe, I don't know. Maybe some perfume.

    OK, must go. Got loads to prepare for the Rosh Hashanah festival, which is three days this year (including Saturday), and now this journey has been thrust upon us, so it's off to the housework and cooking and baking with me while I've still got the strength.

    Love, Esther
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    Congratulations! What a joy - four generation! You and husband are a dynasty! I know your Rosh Hashanah will be especially blessed this year.

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    What a wonderful way to celebrate Rosh Hashanah! Congrats to you, your daughter and granddaughter!

    As for a gift - a friend form our church made a special blanket for difficult child 3, embroidered it over a period of months.

    Another thought - difficult child 3 became hooked on the feel of towelling from infancy because I always lay him down to sleep with a cloth nappy nestled under his cheek to catch the 'overflow'. As it was summer, I also mopped my brow with the same cloth, and kept the cloth by me when breastfeeding him. So the cloth had my smell, well and truly. He associated the feel of the towelling with my smell and me, with comfort and with sleep. He still likes towelling but has been less fixated on it. A good gift for a new mum and baby is a special bath towel made with thin towelling with a little hood sewn into one corner. It's marvellous for swaddling a newborn in right after his bath. Easy to make, too. Just sew a triangle of extra towelling into one corner of a square of towelling, edge with binding and maybe applique on some special ribbon with a cute boy motif on it (maybe zoo animals or sailing boats).

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    Thank you all for your good wishes.

    Marg, I like the idea of the bath towel. We'll see.

    Love, Esther
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    Congratulations, Esther!

    And being a great grandmother doesn't necessarily make you "old". You and I are just about the same age! I recently met up on Facebook with a girl I went to school with who is the same age as I am. She got married very young and had four children, one after the other. She now has 23 grandchildren, 9 GREAT grandchildren, and three more on the way!
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    What exciting news! And what a blessed way to start off the new year :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the new GREAT grandchild!
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    Congratulations Esther. What a joyful way to begin your New Year celebrations. I am so very excited for you!

    (Also gives new meaning to Labour Day, which we are celebrating today in the US and Canada)

    What a blessing! And what a treat for your daughter, to be able to nurse her own daughter and grandson in the hospital.

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    Congratulations and many hugs Esther. I wish I could give them to you in person. What a wonderful family to have so many and several generations.
    I know what you mean about hoping to see difficult child move out on their own. My own little difficult child(26) is leaving on Friday for Texas. He has an opportunity to learn a job and have a community of his peers. Hopefully, he will find some success and leave my nest for a long time. I will miss him since he has been a big help but I will not miss the negative part of his behaviors.

    You are far too young to be a great grandmother but you wear the role well. Enjoy the sweet gift and give the baby a kiss from the far distant board auntie.
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    Thank you all so much.

    Trinity, ha ha ha about Labour Day!! I liked that one.

    It is so thrilling. Fran, just a couple of days ago I looked at the photos from my trip to the USA, and I saw you, and several of the other members, and it was exciting just to see it all again. We had a good time, didn't we! You are a wonderful hostess. I wonder how Coookie is.

    I wish your difficult child the very best of luck in his move and in his job learning. You haven't left any stone unturned in trying to find the best solution for your son, and I admire you. What a warrior mom you are!

    I'd better come back down to earth now. I have so very many things to do for Rosh Hashanah, and tomorrow now we have to do the trip up north to see our granddaughter and greatgrandson in the hospital (by bus and train). So I had better start baking today. Which means I just MUST go shopping now. I have been so "high" all day and the day just flew by without me doing anything.

    Love, Esther
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    Mazel tov, Esther, and Shana Tovah as well. I am 51 and nowhere near even plain grandma status, as my oldest is only 20. Will you go back to the north for the bris?
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    Congratulations, Esther! How exciting for you!
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    I phoned Esther this morning and she was on the way on becoming a great grandma , so now it is offical - a great grandson . May he grow to be a blessing for your family and bring much happiness and joy

    Shana Tova and Mazal Tov
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    Many many congratulations, Esther!!! To you, your husband and the entire family!!! I remember your visit to TX and know that this child has truly been blessed with an amazing great grandmother!!!!!

    Give the baby a snuggle for me, and a hug and kiss!!! How wonderful that Grandma will be able to take care of her own daughter and grandbaby - it makes it an extra special time. (Heck, I thought it was special when I realized that the nurse who cared for Jessie and I in the labor/delivery part was the same nurse who cared for my mom and I. How much much more special everything is when it is your mom/grandma caring for you/your child!)

    Love to the entire family!