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    I know a LOT of us ask how to find a neuropsychologist. It can be hard, esp if you don't have a local Children's Hospital or there isn't a neuropsychologist there.

    I found The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychologists online. There is also a board of prof neuropsychs, but they don't seem to be a nationwide group and their website is a home page and a page to fill in a form to contact them. So the AACN seems to be the major group of neuropsychs.

    Here is a link to the Member Directory: The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (

    Maybe we could put this in the Archives and then refer members to the thread when we suggest that they see a neuropsychologist? It would be a lot easier for us and for them, in my opinion.
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    Just checked out my State and it does not include "groups" like the one I used. Wondering if is individual members only. I do think it would be helpful, however, for others to see in an initial search how many are near their homes. DDD
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    Hmmm...the one I used isnt on it. Why am I so not surprised.
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    I did some research after the "neuropsychologist" that Jess saw at the Children's hospital wasn't listed. Turns out he isn't actually a neuropsychologist. He claims to be one, but has NOT earned the credentials by a long shot. He is a PhD in psychology and has taken a few classes on a post-doctoral basis toward becoming a neuropsychologist, but he is NOT a neuropsychologist. The classes he took were NOT post-doctoral classes, they were regular jr-sr level classes that anyone working toward a bachelors could take. They were NOT taught on a graduate level or higher. I always wondered because some of the things he claimed were true didn't make sense. Also his assertions that no child who is homeschooled can possible be appropriately socialized, and that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with my daughter except being spoiled by me, just are not the truth. Yes, in some ways my kids probably are spoiled. But in others they are not. Same for ANY family, in my opinion. I know quite a few people who were homeschooled for some or all of their education and you can make sweeping assessments about them the same as you can about ANY category of people - inaccurately!

    There may be other groups who certify neuropsychs or train them. I found this because I realized how often we tell people to go to a neuropsychologist but you can't call just any hospital and find them, or even call any psychiatrist or pediatrician and ask for a referral. The pediatrician practice we left didn't even know what a neuropsychologist was, much less know where to find one. And they are 8 of the 11 pediatricians in our entire TOWN!!! This is a big part of why we see a family care doctor in a small town near us.

    I figure this is better than nothing. At least it is a place to start.
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    I wonder how many false neuropsychologist there are out there. And if the ones we've gone to were or not.
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    Liahona, I went to one who actually had her credentials hanging on her wall. So much for being a good one. The main things my neuropsychologist dealt with was people who had been in a rehabilitation center for physical injuries. Things such as strokes, head injuries, car accidents, limb losses, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)'s, broken necks or backs...things like that.

    She saw me in the rehab after I had been discharged from the regular hospital and into there about 3 days after I woke up from a stroke that I had been in for around 15 days. Maybe the stroke was 12 days and I went to the rehab was on day 15. I really dont know because I have very mixed up memories from that time. I was very delusional during that time.

    When I got to the rehab, I was scared to death and I didnt want to go. I had tried to get Tony to not let them take me. I begged him to just take me home but he wouldnt. I was so mad. I didnt understand why. After all, I was going to have his babies! (That was the delusion talking!) I got to the rehab and was basically an infant...okay a toddler. I couldnt move my arms or my feet. I couldnt walk or barely answer questions in any rational manner. I couldnt do puzzles that were made for 3 year olds. I had to start out with those ones that have the little knobs on top and maybe 6 objects on a board and you put them in the proper places. It took me several weeks to move up to a 24 piece puzzle. Even though it was like this and I was so toddlerish, somewhere in my mind I knew this wasnt me. I was frustrated beyond belief. I had to learn to rewalk and even stand again. It was really awful.

    This neuropsychologist saw me at my worst. I consider that my worst. So when I went back to her for another neuropsychologist testing about 5 months later, she thought I was just dandy. I could walk, I could talk, I could draw a clock even though it wasnt perfect. I could remember some words even though there was a huge problem for a normal person. She was comparing it to what I had been like in the hospital. She compared everything to what I was like. I couldnt draw anything correctly. I couldnt remember anything when she asked me to remember it back. If she showed me something and told me to repeat it back, I couldnt do it. If she showed me a picture and wanted me to draw it, I couldnt do it. If I was supposed to follow a pattern, I couldnt do it. I think I took a computerized test for ADD and I think I did okay on that. I dont think I did okay for anything to do for memory but according to her my memory was fine. The only thing she had to say was that I research too much on the internet looking for problems for myself and I like to use bigger words than I probably should know given my iq! Well she gave me an iq of 99. My previous IQ tests had been in the 140's!

    I should have never gone to her. I have no way of knowing if her tests are accurate or biased.
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    I am very new to all of this so please excuse my basic questions.

    1. What does an evaluation by a neuropsychologist entail?
    2. How is it different from educational and psychiatric testing they do through the school systems?