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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. DDD

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    Is it just me or do the contestants in this years A.I. seem to be consistently more talented than in previous years? I don't "love" any one of them but I watch each one and think "there's a talented kid!"

    Dancing seems overall better, too. Everyone seems to be doing their best and so far the eliminations have made sense to me. There's no Latche to swoon over, lol, but I see such improvement from week to week. Even Kendra looked good this week.

    You guys agree? DDD

    by the way, I caught a little bit of the new singing show ?? "Voice"?? last night. The format seemed a bit weird.
  2. shellyd67

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    I don't watch DWTS, but I do love AI. I agree ALL the contestants are so talented. My fav's are James and Casey and Hailey is slowly growing on me.

    I caught about 5 minutes of The Voice last night and didn't like it at all. Not my cup of tea. I am anxious to see who will win AI !
  3. ML

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    I agree, Idol rocks this year. I just want James in the top 3 and will be happy. Manster loves Scotty.

    I LOVED the voice. I now have a new addiction and something to look foward to Tues nights :)
  4. KTMom91

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    I'm a die-hard DWTS fan. Chris and Cheryl were robbed. Anyway...

    I never did get into AI, but I love America's Got Talent. People do the weirdest stuff on that show.
  5. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    I love all of those shows.

    Lauren is still my favorite..........but I must say that I loved James the best last night, especially at the beginning when he was basically singing A capella. Amazing voice that he's too busy being a rocker most days to let show this tender side.

    I think Scotty has a beautiful voice but I hate the oldtime country "twang"- I'm much more of a current country/pop fan so really enjoy him when he kicks the twang out of his songs.

    Those are my top 3.

    As for DWTS, I agree that Chris and Cheryl were robbed this week- Kendra should have gotten the boot, in my humble opinion. I was so proud of Kirstie that I gave her a standing ovation in my den. I doubt if she will win but she's sure giving it her all and she make Maks laugh for the first season EVER.

  6. Jody

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    I love James, more and more. I like Scotty, but couldn't listen to it all the time. I am not a Jacob fan.

    DWTS- Kendra should have gone, I also am very proud of Kirstie.
  7. Ephchap

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    Okay, I must have no life, as I watch all three. :916blusher:

    I love James, but agree that I love when he sings more ballad type songs, even when he does rock them. I'm not a heavy rock fan. Last night, I thought he was amazing and he did another slow one another night, but I can't think of the song title at the moment. I do think Scotty will have an amazing career in country genre. I think he's very talented, but just not my type of music. Lauren wow'd me at the tryouts but hasn't really wow'd me since, though again, I think she's very talented and she sure is a cutie. Haley is definitely a more bluesy, jazzy type singer and it's been nice to see her go as far as she has, particularly since it looked like she was going to get voted off early on. Casey is interesting. lol. He does entertain, but if he'd stop the mean face growling, I'd be more entertained. Jacob has amazing high notes, but the rest of his songs always sound off-key to me.

    I watch Dancing, but haven't been as glued to the set this year. I miss Derek. :) I do think Kendra is almost as bad of a dancer as Kate Gosselin. The only thing she did was shake her ta-ta's (which God didn't give her, as she was quick to point out to Louie when he said to shake what God gave her, lol). The rest of the "dance" (use that term loosely) was bad. I like Hines Ward and Kirstie and also Ralph. I thought Ralph would be better than he is, but he seems to put his heart and soul into it.

    I actually really enjoyed The Voice. Four coaches, who are all current stars who are very talented, who all seem to be very interested in helping the singers get a foot in the door for their careers. I enjoyed the bantering back and forth, particularly between Adam Levine and Christina. It was only the first week, but I did enjoy it. There were a few singers on there who were so talented.

    Like I said - I haven't watched every dance this year. Sometimes I tape it and just watch the few I want to see. I never watch the Idol results show live either. The whole, "dim the lights" seems very drawn out. I tape and fast forward through and only stop at the parts that look interesting. lol. Gotta love dvr. :) I get to catch a lot of shows without having to sit through too much fluff.

  8. DammitJanet

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    I adore me some of that good looking Scotty boy! But of course, why wouldnt I? He is from NC, he is country, and he is named SCOTTY! Meets all my

    I have to admit I got goose bumps last night when he sang You've Got a Friend. That is my absolutely favorite song that James Taylor ever sang and I saw him sing it live. I also had it playing in the background on a little transistor radio when my first love and I made love for the very first time. So yeah....that song just got to me last night. Scotty couldnt have picked a better song for me...lmao. I got 514 votes in for him! My phone tracks them and that was the total when the voting was over.

    I do like Lauren...she is great and I think she will have a huge career. I see her right up there with Kelly Clarkson. I also love Jason. That boy can rock out.

    I despise Jacob. If I had a button that I could push to boot him off the stage, I would use it. He makes me gag. Sorry.
  9. svengandhi

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    I don't watch AI, but I got into DWTS a couple of seasons ago and now I watch it.

    I like Kirstie because she's fat like me. I admire her willingness to get out there and dance and her weight loss and stamina gain are obvious. I also like Hines, who I had never heard of before. His mom looks just like a friend of mine! Romeo is adorable, Ralph is my local boy and Chris was starting to grow on me. Chelsea is annoying and Kendra is just bizarre.