America's Super Nanny is calling the cops on a kid tonight... LOL

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by buddy, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. buddy

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    You know how I have confessed to threatening to call the police on Q to calm him (only temporary measure, but it is working... no worries, I am trying the other better methods to get rid of this, but I simply could not accept another day of having my arm pounded)

    I just saw the commercial for America's super nanny. The announcer said that kids who raise themselves end up in jail. Then you see flashing lights and a cop comes in and says to this little boy.. ARE you (name?)....

    If I am free I might watch it, LOL
  2. donna723

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    Do you know what channel this is going to be on? I saw one commercial for it but didn't catch what channel it is...
  3. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    WHEN is it on? I haven't even seen any commercials so have no clue when OR where to find it!
  4. buddy

    buddy New Member

    It is on LIFETIME after "dance moms" a show I watched once and will never again watch, ick.

    I think it is on at 9 or so...

    just when I was going to look it up the commercial came on! LOL
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I've seen her call cps a time or two.............and I'm not even someone who really watches the show. I just catch it once in a while when nothing else is on.
  6. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    I might have to watch it. I sometimes laugh at these Nanny shows because some of their "strategies" would NEVER work for difficult child 1. I sometimes wonder what they would do with difficult child 1. It's an interesting idea. Hmmmm
  7. FlowerGarden

    FlowerGarden Active Member

    I've watched a few of these Nanny shows, too. I kept thinking the same thing that some of their strategies would never work for my difficult child...especially the use of the time out mat or chair! He'd just keep getting up and walking away. Forget about putting him back on. He'd just keep on doing it the whole day!
  8. buddy

    buddy New Member

    Yeah, you notice that the english one....when she has a special needs child, pulls in experts. Usually a PhD that comes to their home like that would ever happen in real life. And that is usually some small cute kid with autism or down syndrome. I have never seen a Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) kid!
  9. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    They screen VERY carefully for these shows. They do NOT take true difficult children. Or they take ones where a short term change can be made and you NEVER find out that a week after she left the kid was back to whatever it was.

    I like this nanny better than Jo Frost. She is a lot more no-nonsense, in my opinion. She also isn't so "its all fixed and wonderful now" and admits that while great changes are seen they are just the beginning of the road. I honestly think most kids can be fixed with some simple basic parenting tools like consistency. difficult children are not as common and these shows avoid kids with a long history of problems. I saw one episode of SuperNanny where the oldest daughters were at each other's throats and a letter supposedly fixed things. You could watch it and tell that the girls were NOT terribly sincere and that the nanny TOTALLY missed it.

    Wiz once dared me to get SuperNanny in. Showed me a plan of action to make her run away. I think she would have, to be honest. There is NO WAY she could have handled him. Of course this was about the time that husband was starting to think about exorcism to help Wiz. in my opinion SuperNanny and exorcism would have been equally unhelpful.
  10. buddy

    buddy New Member

    LOL, that would be a funny show actually. Q told me about five years ago that we should go on DrPhil... then he asked if he could go on scared straight last year... no one will ever convince me that he wants to be like this...

    (of course he has also told me I should go on the biggest loser... but I am smaller than some of their afters (and I am not small, I wear generous L or XL but they have people there now mostly well over 200-300 lbs it seems.... right? I think they do amazingly on there, but it is not normal life and I dont think I would be dramatic enough for them.... LOL, He can be so nice sometimes)
  11. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I love Dance I watched the show tonight and she did a really good job with that family though I do think that boy had more than ADHD going on and she told the parents she thought he had more going on too.
  12. buddy

    buddy New Member

    OH gosh, those dance moms and the teacher seem terrible to me....just too competitive and pressure filled. They yell and scream in front of the kids and make the kids cry over their own histrionics. Just awful. I was a dancer and a dance teacher. I never yelled at kids like that. I realize they are into making professional dancers, but that just seems awful too. If they have the talent for that then nurture it. Dont bully them and make them feel badly. The kids sounded more mature than the parents did.

    I guess it could be entertaining to watch to laugh at the adults. But it stressed me out.

    I thought the nanny did ok too, and by the look and the reaction to the police officer that was only a difficult child-light. My son would never stand there saying yes sir no sir and then tell the truth in a repentant way... he would blurt out that he doesn't care and that is what he wants and he hopes I get hurt or whatever and then later would say he only said that because he was scared and is going to do better tomorrow and not say anything to make people mad etc.

    I would love for them to do a follow up show on some of these families with aggressive kids and yelling parents. I would love to see if the changes really stuck.
  13. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I've found Dance Moms quite interesting because nobody in our family ever "did" dance. It's not a must see for me but I am impressed by the talent those little girls display. Over the past decades we have "done" chorus, scouts, girl's softball, boy's soccer, basketball and baseball. In my experience "if" the goal is to be champions the Coaches are not loving and nurturing. (Just realized I left out band, golf and very competitive cheerleading). For us the two most competitive were baseball and cheer. Both teams won State titles's but the Coaches...yikes...were not my cup of tea. Assertive, demanding and convinced that "the team" take precedence over everything. Dance Mom rings true to those characteristics. Sigh!

    Watched the new Nanny show last night. I felt some compassion for the Mom. She went overboard, of course, but many many times "back in the day" I chose the course of least resistence to get my first difficult child on target without my household getting too crazy. Especially when I was a single working Mom. by the way, I never chose a "calm down place" in the middle of family activity. Thought that was interesting. I always went for a corner chair that was a little isolated but not isolating, if that makes sense. Also I wondered how old the boys were as there was no mention of school. Curious. DDD
  14. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    I wondered too about how the boy was doing in school because there was no mention of it at all. He's eight so he's been in school for at least three years. They mentioned that he was on ADHD medications but not anything about any professional help they may be getting for him other than that. It almost seems like these shows pick rather easily fixed cases where anyone can see that the parents are making HUGE mistakes. In this case, the parents said that they "didn't know where the ADHD left off and the bad behavior started" so they did virtually nothing (other than duck when he threw things at them)! There was no discipline, never any consequences for the bad behavior, and the eight year old was pretty much running the show and holding the whole family hostage with his rages. And if that wasn't enough, they treated him like he was a toddler, even dressing him in the mornings while he was laying in bed because he didn't want to get up!

    These shows really annoy me because they give the impression that it's always the parents fault, that there are no children with genuine issues - only clueless parents, and that all these problems can be solved in a half-hour TV show by making the parents see the error of their ways!
  15. southermama3

    southermama3 New Member

    I seen the commercial for this. I agree they show instances where the parent is checked's like most of reality shows are manufactured to one lump of ppl.

    With the cop thing. I actually have used the cops and juvenile jail to prove a point and cement a action you just do not do. It worked by the way. What happened was we were in walmart and turtle (9) wanted lip gloss I told her no. When we got home I found lip gloss and nail polish she stole! The next morning I made her gather up the items and I drove her to the state police hq to turn her in. Once there she was read her rights, handcuffed and placed in a cruiser. The cop and I played it like she was going to jail. She sat in there 10mins. The cop came over explained that he was going to let me drive her to juvenile jail. She got in my car and I drove her there. They did a fake booking and showed her the jail. This was the quietest moment of her entire life. She was embarrassed and not sure what would happen. Some of y'all may think that was to much, but I think when it comes to straight crimes and not just disability probes occur you have to be tough or u will be bailing them out left and right. She has never stole anything since and last month I had forgot water in the bottom of my buggy and she spotted it and said mam ur water. She tells ppl "I've been arrested for stealing"....harsh yeah but I think it was a point that needed to be shown in full aspect.

    I coached cheer for many years til the kids got in 2nd grade. That dance teacher makes me sick. I don't think it's right she throw these kids flaws out when she herself is flawed bc she can't stop EATING which is boldly apparent! The kids I taught was nurtured and complimented. If they needed help I would say things like "sissy throw it like this or that" the hardest thing I faced with coaching was picking my flyers. Every lil girl wanted to be on the mounts and I understood. However, when your bases only weight 70lbs it's hard to lift someone who may be a fast grower and stagger at like 5 3 and weigh 90lbs. You have to watch ur p's and a's when addressing them bc u can potentially set them up for a eating disorder or worse body dysphoria. I always treated them with respect and we won anywhere from first to fifth but no matter what they won I KnEW they walked away feeling accomplished and proud bc no matter the place they knew I knew they gave their ALL.

    That got long winded
  16. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I wouldnt want Keyana in that dance studio at 4 or 5 but if she was 8 or 9 and had the ability to go on a National dance team that could possibly lead her into a career in dance, then yes I would put up with a harsh dance teacher. I dont think that teacher is quite that bad when the camera is off. I think that is more for show. Those parents are a mess. I have no idea why they sit around in the little room and gossip. I am really surprised they are even made to stay the whole time. We werent even made to do that with our 4 year olds. I can see them going on all doubt.

    Little girls are going to cry. Lord how they cry! We have redone make up so many times before pageants and recitals because of nerves. Sigh.
  17. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    southernmama, I don't think you were harsh at all. The police would FAR rather parents do what you did than what many people do. When my kids stole something (they were little and thank you never even tried, oddly enough) they had to take it back, pay for it with their own money, apologize and leave the item at the store. If it was something like gum or candy, they couldn't have it again for a month. Even at three it was a month and they all understood what day they could have it again because they would tell ME. (Which is why I never buy into that "you have to give a consequence the second the action is done or the child cannot connect them koi - my kids could and DID all the time.)

    ANY teacher/coach talked to MY kid like that Dance Mom lady? She would be missing fees and I would chew her to pieces. I don't CARE how many trophies you win - you need to be a GOOD PERSON first and good people don't treat kids like that. I would also have problems with other parents calling her all sorts of curse words in front of the kids. My biggest problem with that teacher is how she treats that working mom. You DO NOT tell a kid that MOmmy doesn't love you because she can't be at your every practice. You DO NOT EVER imply that Mom and Dad don't love a child. PERIOD. NOT if you expect to survive around MY kid. How, exactly, is tearing a child's self esteem down going to give them confidence on stage?

    Now I don't think all tough coaches are bad. One of Wiz' soccer coaches was a friend of mine and she was hard on the kids - 8 yos. She was tough and there was NO praise unless you actually earned it. They did NOT all get trophies or awards on this team. She thought that it devalued the awards that were given out. How much can an award mean if everyone gets one? If you can slack off, skip practice, make goals for the other team and still get an award? What does that same award mean to the kid who worked hard, gave it his all, was at all the practices, etc...? She was TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH. Her teams WON. They also ADORED her. They knew that when she said "good job", it meant something REAL. They were also all kids who felt a real drive to win - they did NOT have fun losing. So while I went into the season very wary of her, ready to have problems if she went off on my kid, I waited and watched and realized that seh truly cared about every child, and that her comments were NEVER unfounded and even what SEEMED rude/mean really wasn't - in context. Plus I watched the kids and they ALL ran up to hug her anywhere they saw her, worked hard for her and truly valued what she said - good or bad. they respected her and esp her honesty.

    Honesty is NOT waht that dance instructor gives. She does NOT build anyone up. She pits the moms against each other, is NOT creating a team, and is doing ALL she can to make those little kids feel horrible so that she can feel powerful. I watched the first two episodes because I wanted to see if the first one was a fluke. It was NOT and it is disgusting to see an adult treat kids that way.

    WHAT are those mothers thinking to allow ANYONE to abuse their children that way? I cannot think of ANYONE I would permit to talk to my kids that way - and that I would PAY to do that to them. Can you?
  18. southermama3

    southermama3 New Member

    Theres no way I would put my kid in that class.

    And you totally hit the nail on the head with her ripping them apart to feel holier than thow type approach. "sorry couldn't post it verbatim bc I can't copy/paste on my limited technology...i know its driving yall crazy lol"
  19. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Susie, I watched "Dance Moms" a few times and I completely agree with you. Of course, we don't know how much of this awful behavior is exaggerated for the cameras but I would never have allowed my child to take lessons from someone like that! It's one thing to be strict and tough and demanding as a dance instructor or coach. But this lady crosses the line to being abusive, rude and demeaning to both the children and the parents. It appears that this is no ordinary dance class. These are the "elite" kids with a lot of potential to go professional and this woman has the reputation of turning lots of these promising kids in to professionals. And the mothers who subject their kids (and themselves!) to this abusive, hateful, rude woman are the "stage mother" types who do it in hopes that their child will be a star some day. I thought it was very refreshing to see that the one mother did allow her daughter to drop out and do something else that she wanted to do.

    I've seen this before on various sports teams that my son has been on, especially on summer baseball leagues in elementary school, kids 8, 9 and 10 years old. One neighboring town has a team that ALWAYS wins! They practice year round, not just in spring and summer. Their coach is rude, abusive and demanding, screaming at these kids and calling them names. When our kids would play their kids, our kids' parents would sit there just dumbfounded at how this man talked to those children and how he treated them and it's only because of "politics" that he was even allowed to still coach children. The parents of the kids who played for him wanted them to be on a winning team ... but one look at those little boys and you could tell they weren't having any fun at all and were very stressed out. NO WAY would I have ever allowed my son to play for that man or anyone even remotely like him! Winning isn't everything.