An apology? for me?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Sep 4, 2009.

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    I met our school superintendent for the first time yesterday. It was just a meet-and-greet at Eeyore's school. I introduced myself and when he asked which buildings (our district has 12) my kids were in and I told him. He knew by my list that Tigger was in the "new" ED classroom. HE ACTUALLY SAID HE WAS SORRY ABOUT HOW AWFUL LAST YEAR WAS AND THAT HE DEMANDED THAT THEY HIRE TOP LEVEL STAFF THIS YEAR BECAUSE TIGGER AND ANY OTHER CHILD ASSIGNED TO THE CLASS DESERVED BETTER.

    He encouraged me to call him directly if there were any problems this year as he would nip them in the bud. He said he has already stopped by the classroom twice and is much happier with how it is being run.

    When I told him my goal was for Tigger to be 50% in the Learning Disability (LD) room and 50% in the ED room for 6th grade and 100% in the Learning Disability (LD) room for jr high, he took me over to the jr high Learning Disability (LD) room so I could see where he'd be. He thinks it is a great plan :)
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    Wow! That's VERY encouraging! :D
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    Wow! That's GREAT! What a promising year!
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    Sounds like a great guy!
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    Sounds like a very good guy! I hope and pray he follows through. More like him are needed everywhere.

    Be sure to put his number in your phone. Let Tigger know there is a "top dog" who wants things to go well and will help if there is a problem.

    It might even make Tigger feel better about going to school!
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    Yes! For YOU!!!!!

    That's fantabulous!!!! I agree...let Tigger know what was said also. I think it will do him a world of good!

    WAY TO GO!!!!!!
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    He stopped by Tigger's room today to speak to the two boys and let Tigger interview him for the project he was doing (something about birthdays).

    And Eeyore was awed that Dr. S went to see Tigger that Tigger felt even better about it :D
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    Wow! He's a real gem! :thumbsup:
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    Sounds like the superintendent is truly interested in making sure all the kids are as successful as possible. What a great thing!
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    He needs to be cloned, that's for sure!