An Eight Pumpkin Day

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    difficult child and I arrived at church shortly after 11:30. His friend and both young girls were there already waiting for us. I had taken difficult child for a quick Holiday gas station hamburger and chocolate milk only to find the other three kids had not eaten yet. We headed for McDonalds for $1 burgers and a beveridge (I think I should have gotten fries also?)

    Once at the pumpkin patch, the kids headed for the barn to participate in milking a cow. I was very lucky growing up, the cow milking was my twin sister's job so although I knew how, I didn't have to often. The kids enjoyed the various farm animals. We went on a hayride and they talked me into the corn maze. Well, I had to go in with them or I would have been worried sick waiting for them to come out. Good thing I did go in because J thought they had gotten out twice. I told him that the exit had to be in "that" direction.

    Following the maze, I gave them the go ahead to run to the bunny cage where I met up with them.

    Then the pumpkin search. difficult child found one that was way too big. He was not happy when I said, "NO". We couldn't lift it to put it into the wagon. He reluctantly found another one not much smaller but just barely being able to lift (with help). So, each kid found a pumkin - 4 pumpkins total.

    We then went to a nearby wetland learning center and each kid painted a pumpkin. Four more - Eight in all. A very full trunk.

    I was going to take the kids home since it was almost time and difficult child asked if J could come to our house. The girls both said, "us too!" We went to J and E's home to drop off the pumpkin and get permission for them to come home with difficult child. Their mom said she would come get them at 7:00.

    Then we went to F's home to drop off her two pumpkins and see if she could come over. She was excited because I was going to make spaghetti. Her mom said she would pick her up at 6:30.

    I made spaghetti but F did not like it (not like mom's). She is sure there will be leftovers at their home for her to eat. I felt bad.

    F walked past a box of lanterns I have for Sunday School. Oops, I forgot to hide them. She asked what they were and I told her they were a secret for Sunday School and she wasn't to tell the other kids.

    Anyway, it is almost 6:30 so I better go find all the kids and have F ready when her parents get here. It was a good day. If you have a pumpkin patch within driving distance, it is a great activity for the kids.
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    Sounds busy and rewarding. Glad it was a good day.

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    Oh, the animals sound so cute! I milked a cow once when I was a kid. I coudln't get it to "work." You could tell I was a City Girl. :)

    Don't worry about the spaghetti. She won't starve. Kids are picky and like routine. It has nothing to do with-the quality of your cooking and everything to do with-what she's used to.

    Save the rest for your own lunch tomorrow!
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    by the way, An Eight Pumpkin Day sounds like a good name for a children's book. :)