An interesting take on devastation and recovery, Mama Gena style

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    Some years back, I read a series of books by a woman who calls herself Mama Gena. Her message has to do with finding strength, power, and happiness through changing our interpretation of womanhood. So, I have her on my email. This week's message: What Do Negative Thoughts Feel Like. In the message, the author describes the devastation that occurs in all our lives as "rupture." Without rupture, so the writer claims, there is no growth, no reclamation, no change. She celebrates life through her womanhood. I think the first book she wrote is Mama Gena's Guide to the Womanly Arts. I'm going to read it, again.


    Look for the message: What Do Negative Thoughts Feel Like

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    Good morning Cedar. I read the article, thank you. It made me smile since just in the last 2 weeks, my older friend from another culture, as well as my acupuncturist told me that the next step for me is to simply have fun, to find pleasure, to ENJOY.

    That comment in the article about cortisol flooding the body first thing in the morning rung true for me. I've noticed that and am trying to shift it. For a good part of my life, my first thoughts upon awakening were worry thoughts. Sigh. Now, I get a cup of tea and write in a gratitude journal and read a list of wonderful affirmations or positive statements. I just realized recently that I have a sensitivity to coffee which causes allergy like symptoms, some of them emotional, so I have stopped that practice (and I really liked getting up to a wonderful cup of coffee too!)

    I just started reading Brene Brown's book, The gifts of's exactly what I need to hear right now. I am trying to wean myself of striving, that "not enough" stuff has gotten old and I want it to go now...........bringing more pleasure in seems like a perfect antidote. I signed on to Mama Gena's Pleasure Intensive, thanks!
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    I signed up for the e-newsletter and ordered the "Womanly Arts" book from Amazon. I think it's exactly what I need to read. I'll just add it to my growing stack of to-read books...

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