An unexpected phone call...that you guys likely can't understand, lol

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Dec 29, 2012.

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    I was on the computer at 12:30 today and decided to send an email to an OLD friend who recently lost her husband. She and I have not seen each other in well over fifty years. Yes, you read correctly lol. She was a very nice girl when we were friends and in actuality we spent time together mostly in Jr. High which is sixty years ago.

    The phone rang and after getting up from the computer (mid email) an unfamiliar voice says "DDD this is X." Shock! "I am in your city with my daughter and granddaughter and parked outside your store. I thought you told me you worked ALL the time! Giggle!"

    Lo and behold Harriet asked if I could recommend a restaurant and if they could buy me lunch. I was still in my pj's and prepared to stay that way until tomorrow morning BUT I said "great". Fifteen minutes later I entered the restaurant and there was an "old" Harriet who likely thought I was an "old" DDD. We are both old, lol. The lunch was a pleasure. I am so glad I made myself go. Her daughter and husband are delightful college professors and her granddaughter is leaving for London next week for a year of independent study. Harriet was sweet and pleasant just as she was in 1952 or so. It was a lovely unexpected treat. :) DDD
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    Very cool!
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    That is seriously cool! Glad you were able to meet.
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    What a very nice suprise! Love stories like this.
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    That is great DDD.

    I did something similar only not quite so many years had passed. I had a very best friend from Jr high and high school. We were inseparable because she was basically my savior. We were also "twins". We both had the same birthdays and her middle name was janet. She took me under her wing when I was a lost little puppy entering a huge jr high after a tiny private school. Well we lost touch after I ended up having my first child and moved away. She adored Billy when he was a baby but once I moved away, I didnt have a phone to keep up with her and then she moved away too. I finally found her on FB years and years later. I met her back in our home town when I was up there to see Jamie at Quantico a few years ago. I went over to her mom's house and saw her mom again and we laughed about all the old times in that house. It was so good to see her. And yes...we were OLD!
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    So fun! My mom connected with some high school friends a few years ago and had such a blast. I love when people are brave and willing to take a risk!
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    Super cool DDD. What a wonderful surprise! :)

    I stumbled across my childhood best friend on fb. Now this best friend deal had mostly been during grade school when we were inseparable, stuck together like a fly on fly paper. We never stopped being friendly but in Jr High and HS we never had any classes together so just didn't see much of each other. I moved away 2 yrs after graduation. I hadn't spoken to her at all since we'd graduated. So I was a bit nervous about the whole fb thing. Turned out she's the same person I remember from childhood, sweet, good, kind and loving. She says I'm the same person she remembers too......we're both just older. lol We are as close now as we were in grade school, even though we're 2 states away from each other. :)