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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by CrazyinVA, Dec 29, 2009.

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    It's been a few weeks since I ranted here about both my girls, and you all were so kind in responding and supporting me. It really helped me get through a very tough time. I wanted to give an update.

    Youngest: kidney stones/infections are coming and going because of the pregnancy, but seem to be under control for now. Seizures, on the other hand, became more frequent for awhile. She was finally referred to a different neurologist who has fiddled with the medications and those seem to be under control right now as well. The good news is that she is on Lamictal for the seizures, it has less chance of birth defects than the Topomax.. and the Lamictal was what she was on for bipolar years ago. So, it's had the double effect of keeping seizures in check, and evening out her moods. WHEW. After the last "episode," she backed way off, and has been calling/texting me less, and much less needy. Her pregnancy is progressing normally so far. She is due July 10th. Her fiance seems to be taking more responsibility as well, and they aren't "expecting" me to help like they were. I do help when I can and when I feel it's warranted (e.g., they've had to go to the ER at midnight a couple times when she had a seizure, and I went over to stay with my grandson). I'm still not thrilled wih some of the financial choices they are making. I see a bankruptcy in their future .. but, I keep telling myself it's none of my business.

    Oldest: lost a job, got another one. Still living on ex-boyfriend's couch. I caught up her cellphone bill as a Christmas present, and got her a new phone as well. Things are about status quo there, but I'm glad she has another job.

    Me: have seen my old therapist a couple of times, plan to see her several more. It's great to talk to someone who knows all the history. The "new man" turned out to be an alcoholic... story of my life ... so that ended but we are friends. He's [back] in recovery, but I'm not willing to remain in a relationship with an alcoholic, sober or not. been there done that. S'ok, I have great friends and a busy social life and honestly don't miss dating much.

    Christmas was drama-free ... morning at Youngest's house, dinner at mine with 3 extra friends of the girls' included. Youngest and her fiance gave me a surround sound home theater system for Christmas, and Youngest said "You've done so much for me this year, I wanted to get you something really nice." That was nice to hear :)

    So, things are on a fairly even keel here for now.
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    What a nice update, Crazy. A far cry from the last time we heard from you and both girls were overbearing! phew/whew!

    I'm sorry that the man in your life turned out not to be Prince Charming. I'm finding that the more I date the more I can see the benefits of staying single. ;) Still...I'd like to meet someone special one of these days who will change that opinion. I hope you do, too.

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    Glad things have calmed down a bit. Sorry about the fella not being your Prince but at least you had the strength to call it off. -RM