An update on court case for difficult child

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    I haven't posted much lately, because I have been out of town for the last week. My difficult child was in court last week, and I just talked to our attorney for an update. Our attorney wants to ask the judge for a special probation program for drug offenders. If difficult child is accepted into this program he will be on probation, and he will not have to go to prison. He will meet with a probation officer every month, and he will have regular drug tests. difficult child will also be enrolled in an IOP program and therapy, and this will all be paid by the courts. The probation officer will follow our difficult child closely to make sure that he does not relapse. If difficult child can manage to follow the law and not commit any other crimes for the next two years, then all of his arrests will be totally dismissed at the end of two years. I have no idea if difficult child really has a chance to stay clean and not get arrested, but this probation will keep him out of prison and give him a chance to turn his life around.

    Our attorney told me that he had a meeting with the prosecutor and the judge at court last week. They discussed the reports from the probation officer, difficult child's progress in the drug program in jail, and they read 9 character letters that were written about difficult child by friends and family. The judge indicated that she is willing to sentence our difficult child to probation and the drug program. However before she does this the judge wants to hear from the victims of his crimes. I am nervous about what the victims will say about our difficult child, because I am sure that they are furious that difficult child stole from them. Our difficult child stole two guitars from one home, and unfortunately we have had a lot of trouble with the mother in the past. She has called me several times screaming and shouting at me to control my son. She also has a son who does a lot of drugs, but she blames my son for all the problems with her kid. Our attorney asked me if I had a good relationship with the victims of difficult child's crimes, and I had to tell him about this mother who really hates us. Our attorney is going to talk to both victims, so at least I don't have to be involved with these conversations.

    The next court date for difficult child is not scheduled for the end of June. By that time difficult child will have been in the drug program in jail for 4 months, which should look good for the court. difficult child is really bored in jail, and he is frustrated that the court case is taking so long. But he is in the system now, and he is finally learning that he has absolutely no control over how long this case will last in court. I really hope that difficult child will get probation instead of prison time, so that he will have a chance to turn his life around.
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    (((hugs))) It sounds like difficult child's crimes were non-violent. Hopefully, that will help as well.
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    Yes, difficult child was arrested for theft and residential burglary. He stole jewelry from a friend's mom when she was not home, which he pawned for cash. For the burglary charge he used the garage code to let himself into the crazy mom's home when no one was home. He then stole two guitars from the home which he sold for cash. Drugs were totally controlling difficult child at this time, & he didn't care what he did as long as he got money for drugs.

    This probation program is only offered to non violent drug offenders.
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    I hope this goes his way and he can make good use of the opportunity! I'm sure the judge is used to victims not being too happy with the people who offend against them. I hope she can see past it, he will have served a long time by then.