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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DaisyFace, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. DaisyFace

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    Hello everyone--

    For those of you who did not get to read before my post was removed:

    My dog was hit by a car on the 4th of July. It was horrible!! Here I had volunteered to stay home over the holiday weekend instead of camping with the rest of my family to save the cost of boarding fees for my two fur babies. I planned on grooming them: trimming their fur, nails, baths--the works. Instead, while I was halfway through trimming the little dog, the big dog spotted a woman walking across the street and dashed into the road to greet her.

    The car smacked him with a sickening thud and pushed him about ten feet before stopping. I thought I had seen him killed before my eyes! Instead, he managed to get up and hobble back to the house....

    Now I had to find somebody, somewhere who could treat him on a holiday weekend....Numerous calls and I finally found the number for an emergency clinic almost 45 minutes away. Meanwhile, the dog was trying to use a clearly damaged leg (it was flipping and flopping all over the place)--and he was going into shock.

    FINALLY get him in the car....FINALLY get him to the emergency clinic...all the while watching for signs that he is not going to make it.

    Xrays reveal no internal injuries, no fractures--but a badly dislocated leg.

    After xrays and pain medications and IV fluids--I owe the clinic over $1500 AND they were not able to "pop" the dog's leg back into place. My options were surgery or euthanasia...

    So I took the dog home to figure out how in the world I was ever going to get another three to four thousand dollars for orthopedic veterinary surgery. I knew I could scrape up some--but the rest....?

    I started researching online....I sent emails....I posted donation requests where-ever I could think of posting (That's why my original thread was removed--against cd apologies to everyone. Thanks to those who sent links to charities--it really helped!!)

    Meanwhile, I have this dog at home who is still pluckily trying to get along on just three legs....still wagging his tail....still licking my face....dragging himself around the house trying to stay with me the way he always did. It was enough to break my heart!!

    Unfortunately, I discovered that human nature stinks....

    People who like to brag to me about how much they have, or how much they do didn't even express a word of sympathy for my dilemma (much less express a willingness to donate something....anything!).

    Well, it's just a dog...

    I don't know about those people, but I know that I could never live with myself if I turned to that sweet dog and said, "well, $3k is a lot of money old friend--so, you understand...." What's the big payoff? I put a perfectly wonderful animal down, but at least I have some extra money? I would have felt differently if he had suffered life-threatening injuries--or had such extensive trauma that the kindest thing was to be relieved of his suffering.

    So what could we do? We spent money we didn't have...knowing full well that we would be short on our bills by the time we reached the end of the month.

    My dog got the surgery he needed....AND now he is home and already beginning to walk a bit on the injured leg. His biggest challenge is functioning with the giant "cone" on his head--but since he won't stop stays on.

    The good news...? The surgery went really well. AND the vet bill ended up being significantly less than we were prepared for. So we can have a dog AND food/shelter. Yay!!


    The bad news...? I learned that a lot of people that I considered my friends maybe aren't the people that I thought they were. I understand not wanting or not being able to donate--but couldn't they at least acknowledge the terrible time we were having? or offer a word of support? Instead....nothing.

    O well....instead of friends, I guess I have a big, lovable furry dog with a "bald-patch" shaved over his hip. Sounds pretty good to me!!

    Thanks for listening and for always being supportive.

  2. susiestar

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    I am sorry your dog got hurt. How horrible to see it happen right before your eyes and be totally unable to prevent it or stop it.

    Being the adored and adoring slave of a cat who cost more than $4k right when my bro first brought him home because he was hurt and dragged himself into a house gfgbro was helping to build. After bro brought him home my parents discovered he had maggots INSIDE the place where he was hurt - the skin grew over the injury but the eggs had already been laid in there! So getting him better was expensive, but the love he gives is immeasurable and beyond any price. And he has gotten sick often after that because he was so injured that every system was affected.

    I know there is no price to the love they give us. And the loyalty.

    I am sorry none of your friends could help. It is possible many thought it was a group email to sell something and did not realize he had been hurt because they did not read it. I am guessing here.

    Anyway, it is awesome he is better! I am glad it was less expensive than you thought.


  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Aw Daisy, I'm so sorry you and your fur baby had to go thru all that. (((hugs))) I didn't see the removed post I don't think.

    Amazing how people will think they're just dogs or cats or whatever. But I'll tell you........I've gotten more from my furbabies than I've ever gotten from a human being. Sad but true. They love unconditionally, they're loyal to a fault, they do their best to make you happy.......ect. While I've had good friends, and do have good friends......well, they can't be there like a fur baby can and is. It's a whole different level. Know what I mean??

    I might've had to take the cheapest way possible for treatment, but I wouldn't consider putting a furbaby down when they weren't suffering.

    Glad he's on the mend and you were able to get him properly treated.

  4. SomewhereOutThere

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    I hate hate hate when people say "It's just a dog."

    It's a life, a precious family member, and would give it's own life for you. I always tuck money into the jar when I go to our no-kill humane society. I don't have much, but every little bit helps.

    For shame on some people!
    And I"m so glad your dog is doing well!!!
  5. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    I'm so glad the surgery went well and it wasn't as costly as you thought. That is really wonderful news!
  6. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Oh, Daisy, I'm so sorry your doggie had to endure that, but am so glad he's on the mend, and it was at a "bargain" price.

    As for your friends...well...its kinda like raising difficult child's...sometimes you just can't understand til you've been there. Its probably not so much that they don't care, as they just don't understand how truly a part of a family an animal can become.
  7. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    {{{Hugs}}} of happiness for you & your furbaby. I'm glad it's working out better than you thought.
  8. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not

    LOL! I don't know that I would call it a "bargain"!!

    Thanks, everyone for the good wishes.


  9. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    It's awful when these huge unexpected expenses happen. been there done that. I'm so glad your precious fuzzbutt is recovering well.

  10. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Believe me, anyone who loves a pet understands. I know my brother thinks I lost my mind because of what I was willing to do for a dog but every one of you knows why. They are our family.
    Give the pup and hug from this board auntie and keep him out of the street.
    Dogs and cars are a very bad combination.
  11. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Aw Daisy! I'm sorry I missed your earlier post. So glad your furbaby was able to get the surgery and is doing so well. When Sophie was sick and we thought we were close to losing her, we would have done anything to save her. Thankfully, she's doing well and I just paid off the $3000 vet bills by borrowing against my end of year bonus...Whew. Means less at Christmastime, but at least Sophie is doing well.

    I think we all totally get it. ♥
  12. muttmeister

    muttmeister Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update. I did see your first post (I sent you a list of charities to contact) and I've been wondering how it all came out. I'm so glad you were able to put something together for the surgery. I'll say a prayer for your dog -If God can keep his eye on the sparrow, surely he can be concernerd with your doggie.
  13. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    I missed your first post...glad your little fur sweetie is healing nicely!