An update on the Third Broom AKA DEX's crazy girlfriend.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, May 22, 2009.

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    At last posting about this, wee difficult child was starting to make wistful comments about his "old daddy", who was a saintly figure in difficult child's mind, and about his "new sister", and other crazy things coming from DEX's girlfriend, who was regularly visiting wee difficult child after school at grandma's house, despite DEX's choice to remain the absent father.
    Well, crazy girlfriend talked to difficult child 1's wife and told her she was planning to "establish a relationship with wee difficult child" so she could "get him". difficult child 1's wife was as worried about the sanity of that as I was, and told me. I, in turn, told grandma it HAD to stop.
    Grandma tried to take the non-confrontational road. As soon as wee difficult child arrived at her house each day after school, they'd leave and spend the day out. For three weeks, every day, crazy girlfriend still showed up in an attempt to have her visit.
    Finally, grandma got tired of running away, which obviously wasn't working, and just had the talk with her. She told crazy girlfriend that she had no right to come into either difficult children' life and disrupt them when her "link" to them was their absent-by-choice father (emotionally, financially, absent in every aspect). She told crazy girlfriend that she had tried to be subtle about it, but it wasn't working - she needed to back off and now. Apparently, crazy girlfriend argued about DEX's "rights" to his kids, but grandma countered that by saying IF he had rights, they were HIS and he had clearly choosen his right to walk away; and HIS rights were in no way shape or form hers.
    I have encountered crazy girlfriend in town twice since and both times she didn't smother wee difficult child. She has not contacted difficult child 1 and his wife anymore, either. I have seen the pregnant daughter once, also, and she was pleasant, but not over-the-top, I'm-your-best-friend. So knock on wood this little fiasco is behind us.
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    Baby? I went out in the yard and beat on the lumber......a LOT......knock knock.....who's there? Crazy Girlfriend. Crazy Girlfriend who? EXACTLY! :tongue:

    ANd if that doesn't work - pm me your address and I'll have someone carve a paddle out of a 3/4 board and send it to you. :laugh:
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    GOod on grandma for finally saying what had to be said.

    Sounds like crazy girlfriend may have finally got the message. Maybe she's not used to people telling her like it is.

    Is it possible crazy girlfriend is trying to re-shape DEX in her own mental image of him and trying to create fatherly feelings in him (and 'happy families" where none exists? A sort of, "if I form a relationship with his son, maybe he will become a good father to him also, and we can all be one big happy extended family."

    Because if he can finally step up to the plate and be a good dad to wee difficult child, then he has a chance of not being such a deadbeat dad in other areas of their life together.

    Sounds like she's living with pipe dreams in her life in general.

    Let her continue to try to change him, to mould him into what she wants him to be. If that is what is happening, he will soon get sick of it and she will move on. Or get moved on. All the better for not being in wee difficult child's life.

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    I'll toss in a spork.

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    Glad Grandma finally said something.