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    Hey Ladies!!!

    I'm sitting here in the hotel room at the beach getting ready to go out and spread out the beach stuff and get a good spot. Mom and the kids are still snoozing!!!

    Wanted to update you guys and give you all a chance for an update. I've not been good with the weekly posts the last month or so - summer is a time of no schedules for me and it is reflected in every aspect of my life, obviously!

    I went to the doctor Friday for my annual checkup, pap, mamo, blood draw...... As my doctor walked in the room she said "So, what's been going on, or OFF, this last year?!" I was down 43 from last August. My blood pressure was 122 over 62. Thrilled.

    So that's the good with me. I'm actually down 42 since my journey began (that other pound was hiding somewhere I guess). You know I've gotten this lifestyle thing down when I'm really bummed I can't go to class 'cause I'm at the beach!!!!!

    I know there have been some updates, but let's put them all here in one thread. What's happening?

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    Sharon, the beach sounds lovely. Enjoy!

    I've dropped a bit more weight - I'm down to 77-78 Kg now, which means I've lost roughly 20 Kg (44 pounds) in five and a half months. The aim was to not only lose weight but also to get my liver in better shape as well as get further back from the precipice of Type II diabetes.

    OK, the weight is down. The liver - the doctor did some tests a week ago and the liver is better, but still not good. Before the weight loss GGT was in the high 800s. Now it's in the 400s.
    I don't know what the insulin resistance is, but fasting glucose was a little lower which is a good sign (still normal - it was normal before, but on the high side of normal).

    The pills I'm on cost a lot, and I'm running out of clothes that fit. Even new clothes I've bought are now too big. I haunt op-shops and sales.

    My blood pressure is starting to go up. If it gets much higher, I have to go off the pills. Once I go off the pills, the extreme diet has to stop and the weight will go back up a bit then should stabilise (according to what I read).

    I see the gastroenterologist in a month. That will be interesting!

  3. trinityroyal

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    Sharon, sounds like you're having a wonderful time at the beach. Enjoy your break from schedules.

    Marg, it sounds like you've made great progress with the diet pills, diet and exercise program. Here's hoping that you have stepped far back from the threat of Type II diabetes.

    Reflecting over the last several weeks, there have been some ups and downs.

    The good:

    Physically, I'm feeling pretty good. The dance classes have helped me to regain a lot of flexibility, agility and cardio strength, which has improved my overall stamina.

    Now that the Yard Sale is over and they've cleared off my treadmill, I will be able to go for a long run and put it to the test! I can't wait, I haven't gone for a run in months and months.

    husband's progress has been incredible (he's down nearly 200 lbs and about 20 trouser sizes) He's only got about another 40 to 50 lbs to go before he reaches his goal weight. As a family we have been following the core elements of husband's diet, and I've been rediscovering old, smaller clothes from the back of my closet. Things that I haven't been able to put on for years are sliding on easily, old stand-bys are falling off me.

    AND, I got the judges reports back from the dance Showcase. Overall, the judges' comments were very positive, and the grades were really high (if not for that darned Tango, I would have gotten straight A's)

    The not-so-good:

    Because of all the business travel I had to do over the summer, I haven't been in to see my therapist in about 2 months. He gave me some "homework" to do during the off-time, and I haven't even touched it. I haven't done any of the exercises, or even written in my journal in weeks. I'm feeling sort of dull and grey. Other than dance classes, I haven't been excited about anything. No highs, no lows...just sort of coasting through the middle. I don't feel sad or anxious or anything, but that's like the old me, the girl who suppressed all emotions because there was so much pain and sadness and anger inside.

    As I type this, I'm feeling more and more anxious and fearful, so clearly there are some emotions inside that I've been ignoring or suppressing. I need to get back in to see the therapist, and continue to work through things.

    More than anything, I'm tired. Tired of floating the financial boat for the whole family, tired of busting my hump all the time, just to scrape by. husband is still out of work. It's been over 8 months now, and I'm feeling the strain. I was supposed to have 3 weeks' vacation at the end of July and beginning of August, but I was offered an extension of my current project WITH overtime. We need the money and I didn't feel I could say no to it. I cut my vacation down from 3 weeks to 3 days...and even during those 3 days I had to attend work meetings and prepare for some more business travel.

    husband is trying his best. He's trying to hold down the fort at home, and he's trying to find work, but he and the kids all seem to rely on me WAY too much, even Step-D. I think what's at the root of it is, I'm tired of being this family's rock. I want to just have a few weeks where no one is expecting me to be dependable and reliable. I want to lie in bed and eat crackers and drink root beer and watch bad television, and not be answerable to anyone for anything!

    Vent over, thanks for listening.

  4. 1905

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    Sharon and Marg-Congratulations on losing so much weight!!!It's such an accomplishment.

    Trinity- You have to tell husband that on your next day off, you will be spending the day in bed, watching tv, and eating crackers. Everyone needs to recharge, hopefully by now you've had a chance to use your treadmill and feel a little better. How the heck did your husband lose 200 pounds? My husband is 100 pounds heavier than he was when I first met him, he has no idea about nutrition or anything.(He thinks french fries are good for you because they're cooked in vegetable oil!!!!!)-Alyssa
  5. trinityroyal

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    Alyssa, husband has been seeing a bariatric specialist for the last 6 months. The program is customized for husband based on blood chemistry, endocrine issues, metabolism, and a full nutritional analysis. They do weekly weigh-ins, bi-weekly blood tests, manage the medications for thyroid, etc., prescribe supplements, and provide a diet that's easy to follow and realistic.

    Because it's medically supervised, I feel confident that he's not going to get sick or have heart trouble from losing too much weight too fast.

  6. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-Way To Go!! I know that sometimes I'm bummed when there is no workout facility at a hotel. Of course, sometimes when there is I blow it off. I'm glad the physical went so well!

    Marg-Great job on the weight loss. I hope the liver keeps getting better and that the blood pressure goes down.

    Trinity-Wow for your husband and wow for you with your dance competition! It sounds like you need and deserve a few days away from everyone-maybe a quiet stay at a hotel-even if it's a local one? Do you have a therapist appointment scheduled soon?

    Alyssa-I shouldn't chuckle but had to about the fries being good because of vegetable oil!

    As for me, I was pleasantly surprised at weigh in this week. I was back to where I was much of the winter. I've been doing much better with eating (except for today) and keeping up with the exercise although husband and I did take 3 days off. We were back at it today.

    I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to keep up with my workout program once school starts. I know I'll find away but it will be more difficult this year because easy child's practices for cheerleading go until 6:00 and then we have at least a 1/2 hour home. It's important for me to keep up with my workouts so I have to decide when I will fit it in.
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    Sharon, WOW GIRL!!! 43 pounds is so amazing! I am soooo very proud of you! You are an inspiration! Too cool that you are missing your exercise routine on vacation.

    Marg - you, too! An amazing amount of weight loss! I really hope your medical issues start to improve even more and you can stay away from the diabetes. It is tiring to visit doctors so often. I am vowing to see none for one year when I turn 40. LOL!

    Trinity, good for you for feeling better about your physical health. Now you have to balance the emotional with the physical. Do not ignore one for the other. Good for husband, too!

    Alyssa, your husband cracks me up! Vegetable oil!!! LOL!

    WipedOut, good for you for getting back to your winter weight. I am sure you will find a way to fit in that work out. I know how important it is to you.

    ME - well, I got my first pair of glasses on Saturday (only for reading). I started a diuretic on Friday. Felt dizzy, weak, sore and yucky for the last 3 days and now we are cutting it in half for tomorrow's dosage. I have an appointment for a 2nd opinion on a breast lump that appeared in January and has since gotten larger and become quite tender. In January they felt it was nothing to worry about. Hopefully, the 2nd place will feel the same!
    I hate being 39 and can not wait to turn 40. I never want to go to the doctor's again.
    As for weight loss. Well, I am about 5 pounds from where I have been for the last couple years. I lost 4 pounds of water weight on Friday from the diuretic. Things still do not fit quite the same as 5 months ago, but getting better that is for sure. When I weight in tomorrow I expect my total loss will be about 9 pounds. 4.5 the first week; .1 last week and this week at the very least I have the 4 pounds of water weight, but I believe I have lost a pound on dieting as well. We shall see tomorrow.
  8. hearts and roses

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    Sharon, Marg - excellent weight loss. Marg, I sure hope everything else gets settled.

    I had lost 14 lbs the past 3 months since giving up meat. I held steady at the 14 lb loss because for the entire month of July with my mom here, etc., I was unable to stick to a normal workout routine. At 5'4" and 140lbs, I NEED to work out a bit in order to continue the weight loss. I'm at a plateau. Anyway, I gained back 2 lbs but I'm getting back on track. Aside from weight loss, a part of my plan was to lower my overall cholesterol from is now at 185!! My HDL/LDL numbers are OKAY, but my Dr would like to see further improvement and I have a feeling that exercise is what will balance things out. Well, that and not smoking. This is day 2 - not being a 'real' regular smoker, it shouldn't be that difficult.

    Glad to see everyone is still taking care of themselves!
  9. 1905

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    You can't imagine how silly husband is about nutrition. Recently we ordered out, and easy child ordered a side order of broccoli. I went somewhere,, when I came back, dinner was eaten but husband said easy child didn't eat his broccoli, I looked at it, and said, "This isn't broccoli, it's spinach."

    husband had no idea what spinach or broccoli even looked like. easy child was trying to tell him that it wasn't broccoli, but husband said yes it is. It's all I can do not to laugh at the man.-Alyssa
  10. Marguerite

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    I found with my kids, they would happily eat broccoli if nobody told them what it was. They had heard for years that broccoli is something to hate. But when I put a mixture of cauliflower and broccoli on the plate, the kids happily ate their "green and white mini-trees". Especially if I offered to pour some cheese sauce on it for them.

    I grew up with older siblings complaining about Mum's "gramma pie". And I hated it all my life. And y'know what? I never tasted it!
  11. Loving Abbey 2

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    It's so nice to see so many people hanging in there. I seemed to have survived my pie cravings. I had some Apple pie with crumb topping and just didn't each much the rest of the day. And I made a "pie"-like dessert. Low fat Nilla Wafers and fat free vanilla pudding. So I'm working on the pie situation. I sprained my wrist last week so I can't do my hand weights until it gets better. I haven't been able to get much walking in. difficult child is either in a bad space or she has appointments. I have never in my life wanted a tredmill so badly. Only a couple more weeks until I can afford one, unless I find one at a yard sale. On the mental health front, I am learning that it's okay to feel sad or anxious when the situation is appropriate and I don't have to do something to make it stop. If I just acknowlegde how I feel and why, and feel it and relax, it will pass. I'm always trying to stop the negative feeling via food, shopping, poor relationship choices. So small steps but important ones.
  12. Marguerite

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    Michelle, go easy with the low-fat stuff. I think it's perhaps an even bigger cause of obesity in the western world - because we are lulled into thinking that it's going to be good to eat if you're trying to lose weight and eat healthily - and it's not.

    Low-fat often means compromises have to be made in order for the food to taste good. So they add sugar. Also, when you take out the fat, often the GI goes way up. This means that the food goes into the bloodstream with a fast sugar hit. Even if it's a piece of fruit - you can get a fast sugar hit and this trains your body to respond accordingly.

    I speak from experience - I ate a low-fat diet for years. At least 12 years. I also tried to avoid foods with added sugar, but you still get elevated blood sugar levels even if you avoid added sugar, simply because a lot of low-fat food is not balanced with the sugar content.
    Even if the food is allegedly savoury - it often tastes sweeter. And even if it's plain carbs - your body STILL processes it into glucose, and does it more quickly due to the higher GI.

    When your body is accustomed to sudden and frequent surges in blood glucose, the pancreas responds by pouring out gushes of insulin. This speeds up the uptake of that glucose into energy for the muscles, but if your muscles aren't able to use it all (ie you're not doing a 100 metre dash at the Olympics) then the excess gets quickly converted to fat and stashed on your body.

    For some reason, this quick conversion of excess glucose into fat seems to get deposited closer to the body core. Including in the liver, which is what I'm fighting - fatty liver. And as your body fills up with fat, and especially as your liver fills up with fat, your body's ability to mobilise that fat back into energy and to then metabolise and excrete the waste by-products of fat metabolism - it drops. THis actually makes it even harder to lose weight.

    Meanwhile, your body is STILL adapted to gushing out insulin in quantity, in response to sudden surges of blood glucose. We try to diet, and REALLY feel the cravings, especially for carbs. A bowl of mashed potato! Aw, c'mon, just ONE little potato chip! And so on. We eat plenty of fruit thinking it's good for us (and besides, can't stand eating vegetables ALL the time!) and the problems just get worse.

    I've found that eating low-fat was not enough. And it didn't stop my liver from accumulating a dangerously high level of fat. The doctor blamed my diet and said that I must have been getting fat into my diet from somewhere; but I know I wasn't. Then I did a bit of research and found that under these circumstances, it's the added blood sugar that is getting paid down as fat, especially as insulin resistance builds up (and a big factor in insulin resistance is - surges in blood sugar levels).

    This isn't always bad news. But you need to be aware of the dangers of what you eat. You can still eat the piece of pie you want, but you need to be aware of exactly what it will do, so you can PROPERLY compensate for it.

    Every person is different, and in dieting males and females are VERY different. Blokes can get away with a lot more. Us women, especially older women (past about 30) have to really watch it.

    What is working for me - low-fat for sure, BUT ALSO low sugar. This includes natural sugars. If you're trying to lose weight and you like fruit, you need to limit yourself to one serve a day. Two, if you're a very active person. You CAN have more variety if you make fruit salad and only eat a cup a day, in total. You can also puree it and freeze it into cups, so you can eat it with a spoon. That also helps with portion control.

    Watch the carb intake too. Again, it depends on you and your body, but we eat too much carb. I've found that the amounts recommended by dieticians are just way too much. It's fine for an active kid to eat the "balanced diet" a dietician recommends, but an older woman WILL gain weight, unless she's also very active physically. And how many of us are?

    You can lower GI without adding fat, by adding fibre. I've switched to wholegrain bread (max one slice a day, for me) and brown rice instead of white (again, a cup a day max). I make my own muesli because that way I can leave out the ingredients I react to. Again, wholegrains where possible. You might find that some otherwise high-carb foods are OK for you, because of their fibre content. For example, I can eat corn on the cob even though it's fairly high in carbs and natural sugars, because a lot of it is also fibre. My body doesn't get the fast sugar hit and so I don't get the sudden conversion of that sugar to fat, followed by the plummetting of blood sugar levels to the point where I feel faint, sick and desperately hungry.

    No longer.

    I don't know how much I have managed to improve my insulin resistance - I have to wait another month before any more blood tests. But I feel I must have got some improvement because I no longer feel the need to have something more to eat by mid-morning, like I used to.

    So stick to your low-fat diet by all means, but on its own it will only make your weight problems worse. You need to eliminate sugar and most carbs, too.

    And if you get your craving for pie and just HAVE to have some - OK. Do it. Enjoy every mouthful. Then eat carefully again after that for a while. Don't feel guilty, you're entitled to a treat now and then. It's treats ALL the time that are the problem!

    I mean, I still eat chocolate, almost every day. One square, sure, but it's STILL chocolate!