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  1. Hi family. I don't visit daily anymore but do on occasion and wanted to post an update.

    difficult child has been doing, dare I say it?, good! School is out and I think those pressures being removed helps alot. She got a 3.33 GPA! Of course, her classes are in SDC with many accomadations but hey, I am so proud of her and she is proud of herself. Best thing about the report card, every single teacher said she was a positive role model in class! Wow, what a difference a year makes!

    She has been seeing therapist regularly and she is making progress with her angry feelings against me. Finally admitted she was angry at bmom, not me, but has a hard time stopping herself from taking it out on me. At least we are talking about it now without her flipping out.

    psychiatrist put her on a SSRI, Prozac. I was super reluctant, her body reacts sooo differently than most on all medications. Been 3 weeks and she is calmer, more smiley, seems actually happy! psychiatrist/therapist and husband and I are watching her very carefully, but she says she feels "lighter". Her mood reflects that.

    Now we need to start work on easy child 3, her social anxiety is really getting bad. She is having a difficult time with playing with the kids in the neighborhood. This is a huge adjustment for her, we have lived out in the country for the last 3 years, not had to deal with bushels of kiddos running around outside. She will go outside for a bit, but comes back in constantly to "check in". We are going to start going to our local library weekly to join the summer reading group. She loves to read and this will help, hopefully.

    We have had Hospice start with my Mom. Bladder CA and she refuses chemo and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). I understand, she is 78 and not in good health. But it is hard. She lives 4 hours away, so I am not there near often enough. But with summer here, and things going more smoothly at home, I am hoping to visit more often.

    Anyways, going to do some reading to catch up with y'all. Hope all is well or at least tolerable for everyone!

    Hugs, Vickie
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    Nice to hear from you again! It is awesome that difficult child is making so much progress. When prozac works it is amazing, isn't it? I am glad it is helping.

    I hope that the social anxiety can be helped for easy child 3 - it is really awful to feel that way. I did when I took effexor and it was incredibly hard to cope. Hopefully the reading program will let her feel safe while branching out.
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    Ditto the kudos! It must be so rewarding for all of you. My difficult child is also on Prozac and seems to be doing much better in that area. He also reacts differently to most medications so I am glad this one is working.

    I also suffered with social anxiety. Baby steps, Baby steps, Baby steps.....