And another school bites the dust~!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Dreambeliever82, May 22, 2008.

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    :sweating: Just as I clocked out for lunch my lovely desk phone rings. It is a sound I have learned to fear. It was my son's before school program. The director of the program told me that my difficult child did not have a good morning today. He had a meltdown when the markers were taken away from him because him and another child were getting too rowdy. I guess he took off out of the gym and at one point the director couldnt even find him. They called to tell me we need to have a meeting and that meeting wouldnt take place untill June 2nd. Untill then he was suspended from thier program.

    This is the second Daycare setting he has been kicked out of this month. This one I am not as upset about because I was very unhappy with the way the dealt with my son (could
    practicaly see the teachers eyes roll when we came in in the morning).

    But none the less it is still frustrating. All my eggs are in one basket now because he started a program at the local YMCA when he was kicked out of the after school program and now he will (hopefully) be going there in the morning too.

    Ahhhh.... I will continue to believe things happen for a reason. But if things don't work out here I am not sure what I will do. Our PPT is on Monday and I am going to tell them I want an IEP in place. Unfortunatley this is not going to help during the summer where I can only pray I don't loose my job.

    I know and believe that things will work out. But when????????:greedy:
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    UGGGG! I feel for you!
    I have been there done that too many times to even count. Your post made me cringe with PTSD moments.
    It is so hard being single & having to work with these kids. So, so hard. I finally gave up on day before and after care and hired highschool sitters. They were about the same amount of money, and seemed to be a better fit for difficult child.
    Good luck.
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    I totally understand. We went through 4 daycares before difficult child even started kindergarten. I would cringe every time my phone rang also. I truly sympathize with your situation. My son too was a flight risk. That should be one of the things that you stress when you have your PPT at school. They will take that very seriously. What type of dr is treating your difficult child?

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    Sorry you've had to go through this again. I know your choices are very limited.
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    I feel your pain! My son was asked to leave more than one center. Oh how I hated picking him up at the end of the day or worse yet, the phone call to come and get him. We eventually hired a nanny but it was twice as expensive.

    Sorry for what you are going through.