And back to boyfriend she goes

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by MidwestMom, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Daughter, 24, was here for about a week, getting her head together. She needed the time away from her boyfriend, who is having trouble committing and driving her nuts, but she feels she can do better if she goes back home. She has spoken with boyfriend and hopes they have worked out their differences and is going to start taking some natural remedies for sleep. She won't touch medication. I'm sad she's leaving. It was nice to have her and we had a lot of good "girl time" together. She also got to bond with her younger sister some more. She is so smart, yet I'm worried about her leaving. Nothing has changed that much in so short a period of time. God help me, will I ever stop worrying? You would think that once the drug abuse stops, you just sigh in relief and never worry again. It's SO not true. They still are left with the issues that caused the drug abuse in the first place.
    Sometimes I wonder if my later years will be peaceful or if I'll spend them worrying about my kids. Ugh. I know...try to detach...there's nothing I can do...and all that stuff :)
    Thanks for reading my vent.
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    Maybe she has strengthened the bonds of home a little stronger so boyfriend will have her leaving again soon?
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    She's welcome to come back here if boyfriend doesn't shape up. But she wants to go to Culernary School and we don't have one up here, plus she really wants to give it one more shot with boyfriend. they've been together for six years, and it's not an all bad relationship. At least she knows how much we care and that she has a sanctuary to come back to. I do hope it works for her though.
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    According to mother in law, and the woman is 94, you never stop worrying.

    Although I keep telling myself that mother in law is just a worrying sort of person. lol

    I hope this works out for her.
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    Sounds like you gave her a lot of support. I don't think we ever stop caring. If you are doing a lot of worrying, do you need to call YOUR doctor about your medications?? I know if I get into the worry worry worry cycle I usually need help to get out of it.

    Remember she is a very strong person, to have kicked drugs the way she did. Not to mention all the stuff you taught her growing up. It maybe didn't seem like it sunk in, but she really did learn a lot from you.
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    Hoping enough of her Mom rubbed off on her during the girl times to make a huge difference - or a long sublte one.

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    You had a great visit with your daughter and you helped her shore up her resources and gain some perspective. I'd be patting myself on the back, MWM- good "Mom" job. :)

    I don't think you ever stop worrying about your kids. That said, I've found that it's been a whole lot easier on me not having Rob live with me... :rofl:

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    MWM---Honestly, I don't think as a mother, we ever stop worrying about our children, even the easy child's. They are our babies even when they are grown and gone on their own. I think the difference is that we know that we have to back off now and that we can't fix everything for them!!! And that's hard to swallow.