and difficult child wonders why I don't trust her....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Nov 12, 2011.

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    difficult child brought home two social studies handouts (fill in the blanks) She did one yesterday. But she told me she did both of them. When I asked to see them she says "But why don't you trust me???" "You never trust me!!" But she came down with two homework sheets. But one of them is not the one she has given on Friday - but probably one she had done and turned in earlier in the week. How did I know? Well, the corner was torn off where there would have been a grade. I went to her room, looked under her bed, and found the SS book, and inside was the blank assignment.

    I tried to talk nicely... you asked why I didn't trust you... and it is because you lied. Not only today, but often.

    So, taking the girls to the movie is on hold. Maybe she will get this done - but I hate to even take her because she lied... once again... KSM
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    Oh- I have gotten that for 5 years. "You don't trust me" coming from the mouth of a difficult child is the classic ...oh, I can't think of the word....but it's the line to try to cover up that they are lieing- at least that has been my experience with my difficult child. When he's trying to do well and not manipulate me, he says "I understand why you don't trust me".
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    Oh, yeah...this is why I let school handle homework issues. Not My la la...
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    I wish I could do that... and maybe at some point I will. She doesn't have any special help with school (No IEP or 504) I stepped back the last month - and she failed English. Almost everything she handed in was an A... but there were so many things not handed in she failed the first trimester. I have emailed the teacher and she was "I don't have time to give you an update - check power school." (an online grade site) The problem is, most teachers do not update the assignments on a regular basis - so I never know if it is handed in and the teacher has not put in computer... or if difficult child has never handed it in... and if it is not handed in... then has she even done it and it is in her back pack, locker, or under her bed.

    No fun... KSM
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    been there done that Lazy *(&^^&%$%^ teachers!

    Anyway, go check 'power school' and then write back to the teacher and say "X,Y,Z assignments show not grade. Have you fully updated 'power school'? Can we meet to discuss difficult child's missing assignments and what we can do in the future to prevent this?"

    I send that same exact email at least twice each semester. GRRRRRRRRRRR
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    Does she have a guidance counselor? If so, I would call him or her and explain what you just explained to us. You called the teacher and basically blew you off. You want to know what the assignments are, but the teacher did not update the site and you can't sufficiently monitor whether or not homework is being completed and handed in without serious help from the teacher. If that fails, call the principal and explain it all over again. The teachers need to help you, especially if you are trying to make sure that your difficult child does well.