And he wants Visitation after 2 years...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by atwittsend, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. atwittsend

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    my ex just petitioned me for visitation after not being in our daughters life for almost 2 years (she will be 2 on July 28th) he sexually molested my 5 year old and not paying child support and now he wants visitation. i have to pay a out of state lawyer 750.00 just to reply to the petition. that dont include court cost, gas or hotel room for me and my kids, we are going to have to travel 6 hrs(without stopping) just to get there. im so frustrated at him right now, i just want to scream he dont care about this baby if he did he wouldent have not been in her life the past 2 years.
  2. TeDo

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    I hear ya'. I have sooooo been there done that. It's been 9 years now and my kids are now teenagers. Must be nice to be able to PLAY the parent when it's convenient or whenever you "get the bug".
  3. grmac

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    Hmmm, I would have thought he would have to petition in your county. That is so not fair that you have to pay the expense of fees, travel, etc. That should be his expense since he was the petitioner. So sorry :(
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    He molested your child and he's allowed to get visitation? Are you SURE about that? Sexual predators need to be registered and are not allowed around children unsupervised. What's the story on that? Unless he wasn't reported, it doesn't make any sense.

    He is a severe risk to your child. You need to fight it, regardless of the cost. Few men only molest one child one time...
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    Hang in there. I've been there. My ex sexually abused me for several months, then left. 2 years later (after not bothering with his child at all) he applies via the court to see his child. TELL THE TRUTH. That's what got me through it. And that's what won the deal for me. If he is an abuser he will lie, and liars ALWAYS get found out in court. My ex certainly did. He got into SOOOO much trouble and ended up wishing he had never applied for access via the court. STAY STRONG AND TELL THE TRUTH. Money paid to a GOOD Lawyer is money well spent. Make sure you get a good one though! Is it a case that he doesn't actually want to see his kid - he just wants to control you? I came out the other end and my ex dances to my tune now - about time too . . . . . . . .
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    I agree with midwest mom. The first thing I thought after reading your post is why is this man allowed any visitation at all? He molested your child? Shouldn't he be in jail right about now? And if not, how can a child molester have visitation rights anyway?
  7. JJJ

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    Hopefully your attorney can either block visitation or mandate that it be held at a supervised visitation center in your community, at dads expense.

    I'm assuming he filed in the court where the current orders are. Maybe you could appear telephonically as long as your attorney is in the court.

    Was he actually convicted of molesting your 5 year old? Or did DCFS indicate him for it?
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    doesn't he have to pay the court cost. i would take him to small claims court afterward. Maybe you can even try to get child support out of him. even if he is found unfit to see the child he still has to pay according to what my lawyer said (of course i just had him sign over rights to be done with him)
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    well if she has moved out of state within the last six months then she would have to travel back to the previous jurisdiction. Thats one of the huge mistakes we made. Not filing before before the child left this jurisdiction. 6 hours is nothing, try 18. I wonder if we could do teleconferences? Hmm.

    Im wondering too, was your childs father convicted of molesting the older one? If so, I dont see how he could even get far with a visitation request. Yes, you will probably have to go to a hearing or two but I doubt he will get anything other than supervised visitation in your locality and he will be responsible for all costs. That will go over like a lead balloon and you wont hear from him again.