And he's in his happy place...

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    difficult child does's like a cycle, but a LONG cycle. When he's not always fighting and actually calm..I call it his happy place. The last time I actually remember him being here was April of 2009. Stayed there for a few months..then cycled back to the challenging child he is.

    I know at camp these last two days he's been physically worn out and maybe that's what it making him be so agreeable. Like some of you, I am waiting for the shoe to fall. He should be physically worn out tomorrow, too. And school ended and he's in his rhythm of going to camp during the day (ie schedule) and his other parent came home and is now off again for 23 days (21 more now, work related) so maybe that helped, too.

    It's been scarily almost peaceful. He's not fought incessantly with the siblings or me...has started to, but when he's not on me ALL the time, I find it in me to not be drawn in and I just spoke to him in my VERY low and quiet tone and then it ended.

    He's still not on any of his medications and yet can control himself when he's in his happy place. It's times like these that I wonder if he really NEEDS medications at all.

    Just wanted to share some peaceful updates.
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    I'm glad he found his happy place. Long before we had our difficult children, I had a friend who had a mild difficult child who reacted poorly to medications but she noticed that when he was physically worn out, he did better. She would wake him up every morning and they'd run 10 miles together, then she'd go to his school every day at lunch and they'd run another few miles on the school track. She was able to adjust her work schedule so she could manage this, and she had the bonus of being in incredible shape. Best of all, her difficult child finished high school with honors through the AP program.

    Is there anyway you can create physically exhausting but fun things for him to do so he gets worn out more often?
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    Wow, what a great plan. Mine is 8 years old so running 10- miles would be dangerous for him..but maybe when he's older...WOW. Anyway, as long as I don't suggest it or MAKE him do it, that's an idea. He will be physically active if it's HIS idea, on HIS terms with no one to tell him how to do it (ie group sports have been a really bad idea but we tried several kinds)
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    I love to read happy/peaceful updates ! Thanks for sharing.