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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Sep 10, 2012.

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    I am not sure I can go through all of this again this year. I went on vacation last week with some friends. difficult child got sick while I was gone, and missed school Wed. Thurs. and Fri. And, now we are back to square one of the I don't care about school I won't go to school, just take me to the hospital etc. My PTSD is in full force right now. I am beating myself up for leaving for a week. She was doing so well. Why did I risk it. husband of course has said that he is completely fed up, and he is done with her, and will not be getting involved. difficult child went to the Dr. last week, but didn't have strep. But, something is going on, because her behavior has spiraled. My sweet girl is so far gone. Again.

    We have an appointment. with our pediatrician. to have the mono test they recommended. And, I got an emergency appointment. with the psychiatrist for 3:30 this afternoon. Please keep her in your thoughts, fingers pretzeled and beads rattled that I get some kind of help today. I am really not sure that I can handle this again. Not about school. It is too hard.
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    I'm sending all the calm and patient thoughts I can muster...

    Hoping your "cycles" will be like ours - we still go up and down, but for the last year, we've reached a new pattern... two steps forward and one back... rather than the other way around. Set-backs are OK, as long as it is a way of moving forward again.
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    I really feel for you. I don't know that I could go back there if difficult child 1 were to backslide again. I really hope you get some answers. One thought I just had, could it be that she is overwhelmed at the thought of all the make-up work she is going to have? That is something that would stress difficult child 1 out in a BIG way.
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    Sending supportive thoughts and hugs your way. DDD
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    Sending warm wishes for calm days ahead and hugs for Mom.
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    Sending prayers and good vibes your way. Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone. We went to the pediatrician., and it isn't Mono. But, I didn't think it was. The psychiatrist was not much help, but we have a foolow up on the 25th to discuss adding Concerta or something similar to her list of medications. She is up in her room right now. Supposedly doing H.W. we will see if she actually does. easy child called this afternoon and difficult child was so happy to hear from her. I know that difficult child really misses her. And, difficult child told me that she and boyfriend broke up. I think that is part of it too. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.