And now for the kicker

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    PCdaughter called yesterday. I didn't mention any of the drama here with exbf and stalker and she didn't mention his name so....

    Her paperwork is in to come home.

    But, on Wednesday she and her platoon---yes, she is still with the same platoon following them around, went on a three day camping trip for training. And she got.......

    A spider bite on her nether region!!!!!

    It is now turned black. She has seen doctor and has an oral antibiotic and neosporin. But she can only take the antibiotic if the drill sargeant is around and since the platoon is in white phase he is not around as much. She only got one dose yesterday morning and did not have anymore all day. Oy Vey----just one more thing for her to deal with.

    I swear, this warrior princess....she will be made of steel by the time this is over.
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    OMG!!!!! I am dealing with the same here. my son has a spider bite on his bum. Its been quite a task to heal due to him being in diapers. Yikes!!! Been to the Dr twice so far and just had a culture done on Fri (Just in case). I can tell you that in his case the oral antibiotics did nothing for him and he was on a ten day regimin. I have just about tried everything under the sun as far as salves and creams to include neosporin with no results. I am now just keeping it clean with peroxide three times a day and applying an antibiotic cream along with trying my best to keep moisture away from it. Hes been hanging around half nakey, Lol!! But I am keeping him covered as well as I can while trying to keep it wide open to the air. I looked at this site to see what the protocol would be to aid in healing before we saw the Dr for the second time. With my son I have been putting a light coat of the cream on it so that it does not block the air from getting to it. Geeze I hope your PCs bite heals. Hers may have been caught sooner to get the appropriate antibotic. At first I thought it was just a cyst because it was like a lil bump from the beginning.
  3. Oh boy, when it rains it pours!
    I hope that she heals soon and I'm so glad that she saw the doctor. She needs to tend to this carefully.

    I just recovered from a nasty spider bite on my foot (you can believe I'll check my work shoes much more carefully next time). I took about three weeks to become bearable. I used neosporin , Aleve, and dressings. That bite was very painful!

    I checked that spider bite web site when I was trying to decide exactly what was going on with my foot. Boy is it scary! It made me very glad that my bite wasn't that bad!!!

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    Thanks ladies. My worries are that she will not be able to take care of the bite like she should. I'm waiting for the call that she has been hospitalized because Army basic is not conducive to healing from something like this. And if she if unable to take the antibiotic like she should or rest like she should, I know that she will get worse. Oh, the worries of being a mom....
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    I ma sorry you are worrying so much. she is a big girl and will learn to advocate for herself through this experience. It really will be a learning experience. I do sincerely hope she gets proper medical care and isn't horribly ill from the bite and the knee problem. She will be our Xena, won't she? (Xena is one of my heroes)
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    You know what..........

    Once easy child comes thru this you BOTH are gonna be made of steel!

    OMG that poor girl. When it rains it pours, I swear. Talk about not getting a break.

  7. everywoman

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    No word from jana since Saturday. I'm hoping the bite is starting to heal. It's hard when you are three/four days behind by mail.