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    So we're sitting at dinner last night at our favorite little eatin' joint and husband's parents come in and join us.

    The guy that the cafe owner 'educated' about difficult child is getting married, so the conversation turned to marriages.

    Mr. Broom decided to share how, when, and why, he and Mrs. Broom got married.

    Mr. Broom had been dating a woman all thru school. In a rash of sudden events, they broke up, and she hastily married another man (to this day, the flame between them still smolders....but I digress). So Mr. Broom started dating Mrs. Broom. Apparently it wasn't kept all "appropriate" and Mrs. Broom's mom was hounding them that Mrs Broom would end up pregnant.

    So Mrs Broom decided to show her. They went 200 miles away and got married secretly. They came back with the intentions to pretend they were single until Mrs Broom got pregnant, just to "show up" Mrs Broom's mom and make her look a fool!

    Can anyone say "difficult child"?

    Oh, and easy child 1 has a small patch of ringworm on the back of his arm as of yesterday. I am still watching our animals closely, but yesterday would have been 8 days since easy child/difficult child was here and announced her ringworm, and she used easy child's blanket to wrap up in while she was doing homework that night. Supposedly, it shows up 4-10 days after exposure. Yesterday was day 8 since then, so...hopefully we are in the clear with that.
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