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    An update....

    After the police came and had a stern talking-to with difficult child on Wed., Thursday afternoon rolls around and he proceeds to throw a chair at his sister. She protected herself with her legs (she was sitting on the edge of the bed) and is okay. After many calls to counselors, crisis center, friends I decided to take him to emergency for a psychiatric. evaluation. Yup. 4 hours later we left after the same old questions and the same old statements to difficult child. You can't do that, it doesn't show respect, Mom is in charge, no medication changes can be done. We did have the option to admit him, but husband was coming home and I guess you could say I had lost my desire to follow through. I thought that husband being home from travels for two weeks might improve things. I think now, on Sunday afternoon, that I am finding improvement is not going to happen (okay, well not as quickly as I had hoped). I think my next move is to have the police take him to the hospital and have him admitted. the doctor did make it clear to difficult child that when his violent behavior happens again difficult child will have to go to jail or the hospital. Hospital it will be. We are having no improvement, we are all on edge and exhausted, and something dangerous is going to happen sooner than later. I imagine I will be writing again in a few days with a similar story, but hopefully with a different ending.
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    (((hugs))) it is hard to make that first decision to hospitalize your child.

    Mayba 3-4 days inpatient and then 1-2 weeks in a PHP or IOP program???
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    Looking at his list of medications, my heart dropped. Stims and ADs without the protection of a mood stabilizer scares me. Celexa and Vyannse can both increase irritability and aggression. A psychiatric hospital stay might be necessary to straighten out his medications.
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    I'm sorry you are having such a tough time of it. It's painful to watch our kids go through this and even more painful to have to make that decision to place them in the hospital but sometimes it's the right/best thing to do for them at the time.

    I hope that when and if you have to come down to that it's not because something even worse has happened. All we can really do is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. *sigh* (hugs)
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    Im new to this form, and Im just wondering how everything is going now?
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    How long has he been on the medications that he's on? Are there any recent additions that would make his more aggressive? Would your psychiatrist consider taking him off of everything and starting over? Celexa was a total disaster for my son because of the aggression that it brought out in him.
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    We are taking him off the celexa. the psychiatrist wants to get him off everything that is not helping. Of course that is hard to do without taking him off things bit by bit. today we had husband home with us and I went to work from 3 -10pm.(I guess am no longer a total stay at home mom, I work about 15 hrs a week at night when husband is home) Things calm down when I am gone. I think that is because husband does not ask anything of him and lets him go where he wants and do what he wants (within reason). husband is exhausted. Some of you may remember he is on a job hunt, his current position ends in June. Anyhow, we had a disagreement (difficult child vs. husband and me) over church and husband and I decided that he went to church or there is no computer today. He said, "Fine, take the computer." Hard to get at this kid. I don't think he tried to get it for the rest of the day.

    Tomorrow we have an counselor coming to observe after school. I hope she gets an eye-full and an ear-full.

    Thanks for the support.