And Phase III begins


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Phase I began on Labor Day: YS' initial suicide attempt, cardiac arrest and near death experience.

He survived all of that and progressed to Phase II, recovery. He was in such bad shape, with abnormal EEGs and greatly impaired heart and kidney functioning, but is now almost back to where he was before the attempt. He is many weeks removed from dialysis and all heart medication has been discontinued.

Today he was released from inpatient hospitalization. And now, Phase III begins.

YS will be in some form of outpatient therapy almost all of the time. He is receiving physical and occupational therapies, speech, and is being evaluated as we speak for a partial hospitalization program to address his psychiatric health.

The family is ripped to shreds. I hold out hope that YS will eventually end up with a guardian ad litem. He wants to be with his father and grandmother. I am sure that is where he will ultimately end up.

Frankly every adult in his story is a villain in their own way. He is alone. With no legal standing in his life, I'm powerless.

We have not heard from DS. We have no idea what is going on with him.

The last I understood, YS would be staying at his father's house for a few days before moving in with Grandma for an open ended stay.

YS listed a number of people he wanted to see while at his father's, including neighbors and friends. DS' name was not mentioned. I think that says a lot.

More updates as I have them. Thank you for being here.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
This is emotionally and draining ro read. To be powerless, and pulled into the Tornado of chaos. It must be so distressing.

Perhaps when he gets to GMs he will find it more palatable to be away from DS and stay away.

Sometimes just being there and being compassionate is all we can do.


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BBU, you are one strong woman to be in the midst of a hurricane of toxicity every day and continue to stay rooted in your center, able to see the truth and hold on to your sanity. I applaud your strength. And, it must be so draining and exhausting too.

I agree with LBL, being present with compassion is often all we can do. When someone has the experience of being truly 'seen,' it has a profound impact, even if we can't see it or know it now.

Sending you big hugs and caring wishes for you to find your own peace within the hurricane.