And she calls herself a nurse????

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Kanga has been in the psychiatric hospital for 7 days. They have screwed up her medications EVERY DAY. First they didn't even have Vyvanse in the hospital pharmacy. It took them THREE days to get some. Then they gave her Cogentin without my consent. Now they are decreasing her Geodon. So instead of 20mg AM and 160mg PM, she is getting just 120mg today, 80mg tomorrow and 40mg on Thursday. The so-called nurse did not give her the Geodon last night, but gave her the full 120mg this morning. Does it make sense to any of you to give a child the medicine that helps them SLEEP at 8am???

    Kanga was awake for 24 hours straight. We got a phone call at 1AM last night because she couldn't fall asleep and they wanted to give her Benadryl (we let them but it had no effect). They don't mention that they didn't give her the Geodon. So needless to say, when they gave her the Geodon at 8am, she fell asleep so hard that no one could wake her for lunch. So she missed lunch, they wouldn't let her eat when she woke up -- she had to wait until dinner. And she missed most of the activities today. And the nurse says she can't give her anything tonight cause she already had her Geodon this morning. So Kanga will get to be up all night again and will fall asleep again when they give her the Geodon at 8AM tomorrow.

    What nurse when she sees an order for once daily Geodon doesn't realize that it is sedating and at least question whether it should be AM or PM????

    I demanded she call the doctor. She said, well it is a holiday I don't know if anyone will call back. IT IS A HOSPITAL. YOU DARN WELL BETTER HAVE A DOCTOR ON-CALL. I told her I will call back in one hour and there better be a proposed solution.

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    Any word back from a doctor yet?
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    UG not bad enough that you and Kanga and the rest of the family are dealing with Kanga being in a hospital at Christmas. This "nurse" has to remind you that it is a holiday to explain the poor care she is giving? I think I would be furious also.
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    It is beyond my ability to listen to imbeciles who should know better simply because they shouldhave learned certain lessons in whatever cracker jack box school they graduated from.

    Are you absolutely proof positive it was even a *nurse* you were talking to and not a CNA or LPN? I was told in one rather unstellar little vacation spot I signed myself into not too long ago for some stress relief that Nurseswould be running the daily groups. Imagine my surprise when I got to talking with the nice lady who was going to start a group on living with mental illness and she started talking and bipolars(yes she called it that) and maniers, and then she went on to say such things as only schizophrentics had psychosis. I was biting my tongue.

    About the end I asked her where she got her training on all this and she said that they attended a week long seminar on mental illness on top of their CNA training! OK....that was it for me!

    I called my therapist and told the nice doctor there that my voluntary admission was being withdrawn. Good bye. When I know more than the people that tun these places its time to go home.

    This nurse of yours should be able to read that a medication says 1 time a day AT BEDTIME. Im pretty darn sure that is how it reads. My medications that I take at night say that on them. If I take one at night and one in the morning its Take 2 bid, 1 am and 1pm. Nurses know how to read.
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    I hope a doctor responded, if not, are you going to go and wage warrior mom war on them? When my son was in the psychiatric hospital the first time it was the state run one. They ALWAYS had at least 1 nurse on duty, even at night and on holidays. I know the private psychiatric hospital he did the 3 day stints at did NOT have this - they also did not have a clue.

    I hope this gets worked out and at least they feed the poor kid. No reason to deprive her of nutrition just because they are idiots.


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    Poor Kanga! What an idiot nurse! I pray that she will get the medications straightened up ASAP!!!

    Aly is in the psychiatric hospital too, it is NOT fun to visit a psychiatric hospital on Xmas!

    My thoughts, hugs and prayers,
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    Geez Triple J,

    What a mess! This needs to be straightened out ASAP. I would guess once the psychiatrist gets word of the medication screw up it will be handled. It's unfortunate it occurred on a holiday; it's ugly this nurse was so uncooperative. Talk about wanting to just slap someone! :grrr: This woman better learn quick - do not mess with a :warrior: mum.

    Sending positive thoughts for a better day for Kanga today. A better day for you & your entire family. :flower:
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    She did get ahold of the doctor but waited until I called her to tell me. Turns out that the sleep-deprived EEG that was ordered last Thursday is finally being done this morning, so Kanga was given nothing to help her sleep, so she has likely been awake 45 of the last 48 hours. For the last part of the test they are giving her a sleeping draft - so she'll get some sleep today.

    The psychiatrist wants to use Trazadone to help her sleep. I think they should just put her Geodon back at night. Call me crazy but wouldn't it make the most sense to use the least amount of medication to achieve results???

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    You could take your complaints to the hospital administrator and tell him/her what is going on. Also you should ask for the Charge Nurse's for the psychiatric wing name and her beeper number.

    AND = you CAN most assuredly put in writing that ALL medication changes are to be discussed with you via phone or in person PRIOR to administering.

    My son has been a guinea pig for the medical world - 64 medications and combinations tell me I may know something that works or doesnt. AND if they are going to change from GEODON to Trazadone - I'd want to know SPECIFICALLY WHY -

    GET EM WARRIOR MOM. hugs to Kanga