and so it continues still- more snow and more sore throats

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    easy child has been in my face the last hour, sore throat is back......"what should I do mom" Um, try sleeping once in awhile.....drink lots, especially juice, water, hot tea and honey, dear...MOM! um, what dear?
    SO I cave and say OK take thine self to the doctor? Maybe yuo will rather hear doctor tell you instead of me? MOM! I do not have TIME to go to doctor, I have school and work.
    <shrug> whatever dear. Whats a mom to do? LOL.
    So then easy child says mom, look out the window. ACK! the last hour dropped 2.7 inches of snow on us. <sigh> The good news is it was not really all that cold here today, considering.....LOL. It was 30.

    OK so we will look on the bright side. ALl season we never did get stuck looking at ugly dirty snow. (we have been too busy getting fresh snow, LOL)
    As for easy child and her throat? I think I will smile sweet and say gee dear, maybe you should rest your VOICE? LOL.

    I think I will go bake a pineapple upside down cake for husband birthday. he can have it for breakfast. LOL hey come on, it has "fruit!" LOL

    Keep warm and safe!
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    husband will never go to the doctor for anything; unless it's life threatening his response is "I don't have time". Sound familiar? :stopglass:

    Just so he'll stop complaining about the non life threatening "agony" he is suffering I keep a vaporizer here with the medicine that goes in it & of all things Alka Selzer Plus. Does wonders for husband & his sore throat.

    In fact, I have vaporizers in our bedroom, kt's bedroom, husband's office & my office/dining room. There are times our home reeks but we can breath & our throats don't hurt.

    Something to consider???? :nurse:

    by the way, I'll come & sing happy birthday if you let me know when that cake is coming out of the oven. I can't carry a tune but I put a lot of spirit into that song. :singer:
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    OK come sing with us, we have this cake made of ? r-u-b-b-e-r that bounces around and plays the song and sings, so it helps to drown us out and makes us all LOL.
    I will consider a vaporizer- we have a humidifier in the furnace and I keep several windows open year round....I have been wondering of easy child just has herself over extended and she does not really take any opportunity to really rest well? Or, she says she has a sore throat to have that be her way of takeing the time to rest?

    Ah yes, it does sound familiar, it was always ME who never had "time" LOL.
    My son, - he always cracked me up. WHen he was tiny and I was in nureing school, he would get his lil self confused and he was convinced I was in school to be a doctor. BUT when I would try to put a band aid on his knee or give him tylenol for something, he would get very weird, even at say age 3? He would say MOM! You are not MY doctor, you are mommy. Did my doctor tell you to put that band aid on? Mom, unless MY doctor said so- forget it. SO then we would go to the doctor, and the doctor would do exactly what I was trying to do. LOL. My silly son. I swear Buffy would literally rather die than ever go to a doctor. And easy child simply never wants to take the time. husband will go, but en route he undergoes this change, even our kids see it, he withdraws, his speech becomes slow and slurred - his eyes stay downcast and half closed and he begins to shuffle. Then he seems to expect the doctor to somehow just KNOW what husband complaint is, and magically just know what to do. Mostly I get frustrated with docs becuz trying to call ours and get an appointment you sit thru at least 10 minutes of menu choices, then you get a voicemail that takes your message, then it calls you back, hopefully that same day to SET an appointment. Then you go in and you sit and wait and it does not matter what time your appointment is for, you sit and wait, always at least an hour, then to an exam room for another half an hour. And then it seems to me, they simply come in - look at us, and say "give it a week" and they walk out. IF you show up a week later still complaining, they usually say "give it a week" and by then I have given up and either go to ER if it is "bad" or go home thinking well OK we will either get better or die?
    IF we go to ER, then we wait at LEAST 6 hours. Even if bleeding, even when husband had heart attack, even when he came in by ambulance after motorcycle accident with dislocated shoulder, leaking liver and head injury. ANd then when doctor finally comes in ER, they usually say call your doctor and see them.

    OK so I have been dialing the attendance number for easy child since 7 am, it is now 830 and all I get is a busy signal. <sigh> If school does not have the message by 830 that a kid is sick, they begin the truancy accusation thing. <sigh> No wonder easy child simply goes to school when not feeling well. To do anything else is just far too complicated! Yup- she SAYS that. Mom, I do not feel good enough to call in sick. Mom, I do not feel good enough to mess around with the stupid doctor. Gosh she sounds like me.