AND.....someone doesn't like dogs!

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I am slapping my head....

    Remember (if you will) the story of the three puppies in our 'hood'. One boy, two girls - three pitbulls at large. They keep coming to OUR house. We keep taking them back. I finally said after the last time (the third or fourth - I lost count) with the two little girls that this was IT!

    We've been doing massive yard work. Okay by we - I mean I. There I am driving the little orange tractor to the burn pile and I see a little white head. Friendly bugger. I stop the tractor and my hoarde is packed up for the kill. Good grief! So I call her off the road and she comes running. Good grief - she's thin, she smells, her ears are packed full of mites, and ticks! I'm furious. No collar - of course.

    I put her in the front yard, clean up the lawn stuff, and drag out the foster dog bowl. She drank water like no tomorrow, but we were careful not to give her too much as it was 102 out. Then food. Gobbled it up. She of course is the smartest of that trio and knows pockets are full of cookies. I got the dog box out and cleaned out her ears - oh the ticks, the mites. She just sat there loving the attention. She got a shot of wormer, then a flea bath - again just sat there loving the attention. Brand new pup. So skinny. We've had her now for four days. Our no kill shelter wouldn't take her. I did drive by the owners house - not home and was greeted by the other two running loose. GREAT!

    So last night, like every night there is a sign on the mail box - Found Puppy. We left her and Princess Pootie out in the front yard and the owner goes by but didn't stop. No one has come looking. No one knocked on the door. Put her out again this morning to have her breakfast, never pottied in the house and found her sleeping at the foot of my bed upside down, sprawled out, loving life. Took her picture too.

    So imagine MY surprise when I see someone OPEN MY FREAKING GATE! OMG I have three dogs that will eat you. And this woman never knocks on my door - thanks me - just opens my gate, and lets this pup out. I was FURIOUS. So I let her have a piece of my mind, and a piece of DF's mind. I think she thought she was just going to get in her car and go home and drop "Olivia" off in the yard. OH H no. NOT any more. SO I asked her WHY was this pup so skinny? WHY was her ears full of mites, and ticks? WHY is she full of worms? WHY do you let them run loose? WHY???? And WHY IN THE H would you open up MY gate and just leave with cars in the drive and not thank anyone for taking care of YOUR dog for four days?

    She just stood there and all she said was - "Well she didn't look like that when I left...the neighbor was supposed to take care of her." Ohhhhhh I see - so she just got like this if FOUR days? And running loose always comes here??? ALWAYS? UGH - I showed her the pictures BEFORE and AFTER - she was quiet upset. I told her I wasn't the DOG police - but she said "Well her sister is dead - we found her on the road this morning dead. someone just doesn't like DOGS." I lost it - I said SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET A #$(%#)(*$ ING FENCE FOR THREE PIT BULLS LADY" excuese me what is your name? She told me - and I said "LOOK X....we love dogs...I love her.....and I don't want to see her on the road dead too - but either keep her in the house - or get a fence - or the dog police ARE going to come out's not right to keep her outside in a 3x4 102 degree heat. She did just fine in the house with us. She's had a flea bath, and slept in my bed - look and I showed her the picture......"

    So she agreed to keep her in the house - but I know she'll be back down here. She got FED here. Snacks here, toys here, LOVE here. So we shall see. OMG I can NOT belive that the sister is gone and it was just - OH WELL - Grrrrrrrrrrr

    And the story about the neighbors feeding her? Oh right - these are the idiots that kept the coonhound in the same 3x4 pen for 2 years with 5" manure stacks.

    WONDERFUL we're off to buy a lock for the gate......what a worthless ungrateful .........I have no words - YOu watch MY dog for four days ?? and she parked at the end of our property and walked up so we wouldn't hear her car....OMG - what a looser. I saw her.....heard her - guess she wonders how we saw her too. LOL - she thinks we have nanny cams......I have pootie cam. lol

    If OLIVIA comes here again I'm smuggling her out of the state.
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    oh my gosh, can't you phone the humane society on those people? That is animal abuse, I HATE animal abuse! I hate seeing dogs tied or penned all day with no human interaction and not being looked after. why do people get animals if they aren't going to let them be part of their pack? I don't get it. We have a husky/cross and he is part of our pack, he's bottom of the pack but he is still in our home and loved by us. I can't stand to see animals abused and neglected. Good for you speaking your mind.
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    If Olivia comes back I'd refuse to give her back to the idiot.

    And I feel guilty because I've yet to have time to wash./bleach out Rowdy's kennel. By this point it's been done at least twice in a normal year. And I need to bath/brush him good to get winter snarls out. He hates baths and will only tolerate maybe 2 a yr. But still he gets those. More if I have to even if he doesn't like it. Thinking about getting him his own wading pool because this heat is just not letting up and he can't really come inside since I've already got the betsy molly jealousy thing going on. He loves to dunk his head in cool water when he's hot though..........and actually he'd lie in it if it was hot enough. lol

    Sounds like this lady could use a couple of days in her own dog pen. omg

    Poor Olivia. You can bet she'll be back. So sorry about her sister.

    easy child had no choice but to put her cat Simba back out. He just won't quit whizzing on the baby's stuff. But she's always got food/water out for him and I'm bringing her my spare dog house so he'll have shelter. He's smart and skiddish.....he hovers in the yard and doesn't wander far.
  4. Mom2oddson

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    If I wasn't at the opposite corner of the states, I'd come and get Olivia!! She sounds adorable! Poor baby! At least she has Auntie Star looking out for her. Why people get pets when they don't want them, I'll never understand. And to have a pitbull NOT fenced??? What kind of moron is that!

    For Daisy's protection, we have a fenced yard and she has an instant fence incase she plays her houdini/stalag 13 impression. The Instant Fence is set for 20 feet inside our yard. That way she can't get in the road, and no one can accuse her of attacking them. Like she'd ever do anything more than lick you to death. Sheesh!

    There are people in this world that should never have kids or pets! They are just too selfish!

    Glad you were there for Olivia... and as for her sister, what a waste of a good life.
  5. muttmeister

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    This is just one example of why I like dogs better than people.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    We really had NO intention of giving Olivia back to the genius sans brains family......they just showed up. I am going to get that job as a county animal investigator now for sure. Please say a prayer for me. It's no where near the pay of a CDL driver, but I don't care. I would be good at education and enforcement. I swear Malika if you read this - I won't kick anyone. lol. I'll use all my charms and whit of finishing school.
  7. DaisyFace

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    I think you'd be FANTASTIC as an animal investigator. And this area sure needs good people looking out for animals. The neglect and abuse in this state due to plain old ingnorance is MONSTROUS.
  8. AnnieO

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    This is absolutely HORRIBLE.

    Now - I am not a dog person. There are 4 dogs on the PLANET I like - my Rainbow (she's been gone 17 years), Samoyed; Bubbles, who is M-U-T-T, and Reese & Nestle, my friend W's 2 min-pins. And those two are on the fringe, I only like them cause they snuggle like cats.

    BUT - anyone - ANYONE - who neglects a poor pup like this - should be left outside in the heat - with the bugs - and staked on a leash where they were close to the road - and then blindfolded so they could not tell when they got too near it.

    I hate people who cannot take care of their adopted babies. This is why I flat refused to let Onyxx have another pet.
  9. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Step.................Betsy would gladly snuggle you like a cat, only she weighs in at about 90 lbs. lol Molly would too for that matter, and she weighs much more than betsy. I think even Rowdy would go for that as he's a cuddle buddy and since outside he doesn't get it as much as the girls.

    Star you'd be great at the job. Me? I'd probably wind up arrested because I couldn't keep my hands to myself. omg That last doggie rescue/foster (the ****zu) was in such horrific shape that if I hadn't known her previous owner from whom she escaped was a very elderly lady with hoarding issues......I would not have been able to keep my hands off her. I'm just glad the dog went to a rescue and found a fantastic home in which to live out her old age in luxury and spoiling.

    It wasn't long after the dog went to the rescue that we verified she came from the hoarder lady down the alley on the next street over. Same dog we'd been contacting authorities about for YEARS that it was kept in a teeny crate OUTSIDE year around, tarps tied up all around it so poor dog couldn't see out and no one could see in......being bred nearly to death. You could just hear it yapping and crying all the time when it had the strength.

    3 baths by us, another by the groomer along with a complete body shave because her hair was so matted clear to the skin.....and she still stunk of feces. 2nd round with groomer (and we had to pay extra cuz dog bit her) finally got rid of the feces smell. Rotted teeth. Covered in fleas/ticks/mites. A mess. Poor thing.

    Wasn't too long after that the dog wardon came and removed all the "stray" cats (you wouldn't believe) she had caged on her front porch. I've kept watch, as has her son, there are a few cats that hang out outside but none within view that are caged.
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    And now the board censor is bleeping out dog breeds?? :rofl:
  11. AnnieO

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    Umm... I think it's actually spelled "shih-tzu"...
  12. shellyd67

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    Star you deserve that job more than anyone and I will pray you get it.

    I hate people who don't take proper care of their animals.
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Thanks everyone - I'm not big like Janets Jamie - but I'm big for a girl and would make a formidable, yet calm.......(yes Malika I can hear you laughing) investigator. Plus? I know karate...and a few other Japanese words........
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Um Hound - we raised Shih-Tzu - and Step is correct.....My mom was the first woman in the United States to train and finish a Shih-Tzu in obedience to get is CD, and CDX in the US and Canada. She's in dog books with pictures of her and Ch. Ling Choo Woo Chin CD. CDX. US, Canada - too. I don't know if they are still in publication - but he was one smart fortune cookie.
  15. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful I never could spell that breed right. lol
  16. HaoZi

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    Surprised you didn't grab Olivia back and declare it pre-job training. Or a freebie.
  17. mstang67chic

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    I'm kinda afraid to ask but to which state will you smuggle lil Miss Olivia???? :stalker:
  18. DammitJanet

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    I dont know what the quals are for SC...I think Jamie got into his job because of his experience in the Marines being a MP. Also he had an insider's helping hand, Billie's uncle is a retired Sheriff up there so he put in a good word for Jamie.
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Well I think Olivia would LOVE Indiana!!!!!!! I will send you a

    And Yeah I kinda figured if any x military or X police or X anything other than X me filled out an application even x security guard asked about the job or even sniffed about it - they may get due consideration before me - HOWEVER - I have dog training, large animal background and experience, farm experience, I LOVE snakes, and I'm not afraid of any animal, I can handle people well, nuttier than a fruitcake or otherwise, I can drive a truck or farm trailer - and have a CDL, I can handle a gun, and I dunno I just want the job. Plus I have over 25 years experience with PITBULLS and that seems to be the largest problem here. I bet no one else has owned a skunk that Or has had an aviary! I dunno - just hoping against hope even for an interview.