And the coaster is going up....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Apr 8, 2009.

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    You know, I hate rollercoasters. Why was I of all people chosen to ride this one?

    difficult child had a great therapist appointment this morning! We went over EVERYTHING. This could well be the first time that we actually went over our time limit. therapist will share everything with psychiatrist but is still certain that difficult child does not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He explained another technique we could try and asked us to think about it. He also stated that he is certain difficult child is not suicidal (which I did know but still felt important to document his suicide thoughts which he has been having several these past few days and especially this morning on the way to therapist.). difficult child left the meeting feeling confident again. He made it back to school (arrived in time for lunch) without needing the propranolol and without begging that I take him AFTER lunch and school.

    therapist did make one comment that has me a little puzzled. I am not sure how to take it. He said that he talked to psychiatrist after we left on Friday and psychiatrist stated that I was a prepared mom. therapist just stated this but didn't indicate if it was a good thing or not. Would it mean I come across as an overly protective mom? Though I think therapist would address that with me if they believed I was squelching any progress by being too protective. It was also the only thing he brought up. I thought he would say something about how psychiatrist preceived difficult child but nope, just me. I wanted to say, "Wait a minute, who is the patient here? This is suppose to be about difficult child."
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    Hmm. with-o more explanation, I'm as befuddled as you.
    On the face of it, "prepared" does not sound overprotective. It sounds ... prepared.

    Sorry, I'm not much help!

    I'm glad the appointment went well.
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    you may be looking too far into this one my friend :) i know what you mean and how you feel, let's face it they look at us as much as they do almost as our difficult child's. alot of what our children have is heridtary sheesh i can't spell so they check us out to see hmm......... i've actually been tested so that they could get some info off me to evaluate difficult child and look at her in a certain light. yet prepared probably just meant prepared, ontop of your game, ready with info organized that sort of thing

    i'm glad the appointment went well and yup it does feel like a roller coaster ride, doens't it?? i'm sorry. it can so rough on a parent. are you making sure to take time for you in all of this, just you??
  4. gcvmom

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    I would take it as a compliment. I'm sure they deal with lots of people who are simply clueless about their difficult child's behavior, let alone what to do about it. By being prepared, you are a fully participating member of your difficult child's treatment team.

    That's my take on it!
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    I think it was probably a very NICE change. I have a friend who is now a psychiatrist. When she was doing her residency she was SHOCKED at the number of people who know NOTHING about their children - not even what they had to eat on the way to the appointment! So having a mom who has had tests done, is well informed, knows what medications, allergies, likes, dislikes, habits, sensory problems, school problems, home problems, etc.... are, well, for a doctor it is a BIG thing. It is why I have been pushing the Parent Report again to new members here. It REALLY helps when you go see the doctor to ahve it all ready.

    So I think it was a compliment!