And the evening battle begins

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    difficult child was very compliant in going up and showering. I was hopeful that this evening was going to be drama free, and that she was actually going to be responsible and do her homework. Well, husband just went up to go to bed, and difficult child is sitting in a towel in her room reading a book. Nice. She has a ton of work to do, and she is reading. This means that she will be up late probably reading and not doing any h.w. and that will lead to a crappy morning. I need this cycle to end. It has me so stressed. I start getting worked up around 8, and know that I will be waking up with it in the morning. UGH. I just want her to be able to take some responsibility for herself.
    And, I sure can't say anything to her about it, because it will just trigger her into a yelling screaming fit. She is a master at twisting things around to make it sound like it is your fault. So, here I sit hands tied as to what to do. Sigh. Would love for the psychiatrist to add a mood stabilizer to her medications, but we have to wait until her follow up on the 6th. Fingers crossed she actually does something this evening besides read her book.
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    Personally, I tell difficult child that school work is his job. If he chooses not to do it and he fails then he has to pay the consequences. I realize that is hard for you because she's always been a great student. Also, if she refuses to go to school I would call the school and tell them that it's an unauthorized absence and she will have to pay the price for her choice not to go. If she get detention, she gets detention. If you can get her in the car and drive her to school, I would do that. My opnion is that once she is on school property she's their problem and they have to get her into the building.