And the neuropsychologist report sez.....

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well, I should say the DRAFT says, because the clinician couldn't even manage to send me a FINAL copy of her report! And there are TONS of typo's. My meeting with difficult child 1's school staff is Thursday afternoon, and since I just got the friggin report in the mail late this afternoon (if you recall, I was complaining about this a few days ago since she did the evaluation back in early APRIL and gave me a very broad summary of her findings on 4/23) there's NO WAY I could get my comments back to her in time to have the corrections made for my meeting. Grrrr.... I will never use this person or recommend her again. :mad:

    Anyhow, it boils down to him being a bright kid who does average work gets very inconsistent grades and who has significant memory problems and anxiety. She recommends additional time for tests, excuse him from note-taking, and get him back into counseling for his anxiety, to name a few.

    I'm eager to hear the school's findings on Thursday and what they propose to do to help him next year in highschool.

    I'll keep y'all posted!
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    I would present the document but emphasise, it's still in draft and that you will get the final copy to them ASAP in the new year.

    Not much else you can do.

    We got a similar report (minus the typos) and the school was very grateful to have the clear directions on how to frame the work for him, what special provisions to fight for, etc. With a report from an expert, it makes it easier for the school to get special provisions in place with thr higher education authorities.

    it IS annoying when you wait for ages and what you get is STILL in poor condition. I get the impression that she's done nothing on it since she gave you the briefing, and your nagging plus the deadline of the upcoming meeting is all that has got you the paperwork you need even now.

  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Totally agree! I think she must have ADHD or some similar issue, I mean, how else to explain a PhD who is so incredibly disorganized? Even during the interview process she kept forgetting things, getting distracted and off topic, etc.

    I will share the draft with school, like you said, and get them the final whenever it's ready.

    I must have got lucky with the last neuropsychologist we had for difficult child 2 -- she was amazing... just too bad for us that she got a better position at Stanford U and moved!
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    Im gonna tell you what, for all the hoopla that is given on here about neuropsychs I was sadly underwhelmed. I think you can poke around online and get the same tests and find the same results and get treated much better! I wouldnt refer anyone to the one I used either. I know my therapist wouldnt. We were so hopeful too when we found a neuropsychologist locally. Hoovers that she was an idiot.
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    I am sorry the neuropsychologist is such an idiot. The evaluation done by our dev pediatrician included a neuropsychologist for some of the testing. I was underwhelmed with that portion of the report - it basically parroted what I told them on one of the ten thousand forms. Luckily the dev pediatrician and rest of his staff made up for it.

    Then when Wiz was in the psychiatric hospital he had another round of tests with a different neuropsychologist. This guy couldn't even keep Wiz straight from other kids!! He had Wiz down as a drug user with schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder!!!! There is NO WAY that was true. Not any part of it. Heck, it hurt Wiz' feelings that they thought he was a druggie.

    Anyway, I hope that you get some help from it. Be sure to read up on NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) (nonverbal learning disorder) before the meeting with school.
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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I am sorry...
    I wish you could have had ours.

    She was a true blessing and I feel we were very lucky in finding her.
    It is like our psychiatrist's though, we are on our 5th one. I could say psychiatrist's hoover! But I know they are not all bad or cold or overly clinical.
    Some do honestly know their stuff and do care.
    We have had 2, that are so wonderful!
    It is very hard to not become jaded, we are having to move onto our next therapist right now, not because she is so horrible, but she was stuck in trying techniques that we honestly felt were keeping K in a fantasy world and not helping her deal with reality.

    But I can't hate therapist's because I am on my 3rd now.
    I am sorry, I know you are not jaded, but I know you are frustrated. What this woman did is not right. I would take the parts you need from her report and if there is a place you can complain about her I would. She works for you and she did not do a good job. She did not do her job.

    FYI: I am by no means a PollyAnna! LOL
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    Sorry your having all this bother. I hope that your draft is enough to get the initial help you need.
    I'm still waiting, 4 months later, for the report to get to my son's GP from his psychiatrist. I have phoned, they have phoned, and guess what? they can't findn it, but secretary says she remembers typing it, no copy on file, no copy on computer!! this report is so important, because it recommends a referral to community health with a view to lessening his medications, etc.... something my DS refused to do previously,(have a community worker) but won't have a choice on based on this report! The referral also would mean I would get support too, which I NEED!!! So I'm so mad they haven't done this report!
    I think they might sort it out though, 'cos I suggested if they couldn't produce it, they refund the consultation fee...

    good luck!
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    What an pain! I can't believe after all this time you got a friggin draft. Sigh. I too hope it is enough to get you initial help. Thinking of you during this time xo ML