and the teacher was sentenced to . . .

pigless in VA

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One year for each of two counts of a misdemeanor. One year of her time was suspended. She is currently serving time in the local pokey. SO believes she will serve 6 months. She had an extremely good attorney.

I don't know if 6 months away from Ferb is enough to break her hold on him. :groan:


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I can not believe that she got such a light sentence. I hope she decides to move far away fom your state when she gets out. How is Ferb taking this? Maybe with her out of the picture he will move on and meet a more suitable love interest.


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Wow. That is stunningly inadequate.

I hope she leaves the area after her sentence too.

I wonder if a male teacher would have gotten such a light sentence for having sex with minor girls?


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I imagine part of the reason for a lighter sentence was due to the age of the boys. Had they been in grade school, it would have been different.

pigless in VA

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"Stunningly inadequate" is right, albatross. I suppose that is part of the double standard in our society.

I would be thrilled if she moves away, but I don't expect it. I will be thrilled with another girlfriend of his own age. I mean, will he even be able to relate to someone his own age after this? I am just trying to be supportive of Ferb without being negative about her.

But my feelings about her are that she is a predator and a very sick person. I want her away from my son. Six months seems far too short.

I wonder what sort of job she will be able to find after this.


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I seriously give up on the Judicial system. It is certainly no a justice system anymore.

I agree there is a double standard. I hope that the punishment wakes Ferb up a bit. I hope he moves on.


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She is young(ish) and attractive. The boys were nearly of age. She is female. The sentence doesn't surprise me in the slightest. It was clearly a plea bargain and the state will offer very light time for non-violent offenses, especially under those facts.

Let's face it ladies, the average heterosexual man doesn't look at those boys and see victims when the predator is an young, attractive woman. They look at them and think, "Lucky boy! Where were these teachers when I was in school?" (Am I right @Jabberwockey ?)

It's not right, but it is how it is.


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Let's face it ladies, the average heterosexual man doesn't look at those boys and see victims when the predator is an young, attractive woman. They look at them and think, "Lucky boy! Where were these teachers when I was in school?" (Am I right @Jabberwocke

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. KT is correct that the sentence would have been much more severe had they been much younger.


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If the teacher had been a youngish, hip, attractive male teacher hitting on 17 year old female students, i think everyone would have been in an uproar, whether the girls were happy about it or not or barely underage.


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I am sorry, Pigless. The sentence straight up HOOVERS!

Sadly, there are judges and DAs who agree to similar sentences for male teachers with female students of similar ages. If it is kept out of the papers after the initial flurry of press during the arrest, often the plea bargain is for a shockingly short amount of time. Sadly, it is hard to get a jury to convict on these cases because it is hard to get real proof. They come down to who is more credible, the teacher or the students.

Teachers who do this sort of thing are sickeningly good at making the kids think it is a great thing. This way the kids don't make a complaint, or come forward. If parents make a fuss, the kids won't admit to anything. So how do the cops get proof to show the court? The DA often has to make a plea bargain to get any conviction. The teacher obviously won't agree to a lot of time as she knows that it will be hard to get the students to admit anything happened, so she ends up with very little time in jail.

The whole thing is just wrong.

pigless in VA

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Thank you for your support board friends. It is my understanding that the underaged male did not want Mrs. W to get in trouble. It was his older sister who got the ball rolling. She is my hero. If I had tried to go after her, Ferb would have been lost to me forever. He is very much enraptured with poor, nice Mrs. W.

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The last time I was here on the site, pigless was certain something unhealthy was happening with this teacher. I'm horrified to learn pigless was correct. I'm remembering pigless posting about her discomfort at the way this teacher helped herself to some of the family's dinner one night after a school function. What a nasty piece of work she must be. Would the parents have the right to bring a class action lawsuit against the school district for employing someone like that? I'm glad to hear Ferb is off to college pigless, and hope all is going well for him there.



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As a teacher myself, I'm now a guidance counsellor, this kind of behaviour is just so upsetting.

I can't imagine how you feel towards her... it's such a violation of trust.

I'm so glad she was caught, and surely she will lose her teaching license. Jail time is not reflective of how terrible this crime is, but we know that with the sexism we see everyday, there are those that will downplay the trauma this woman caused those teens. Ugh


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A horrible example of the double standard extended to female vs male sexual predators.

Take solace in the fact that this woman's life and reputation are ruined. She will forever have this conviction and sentence, however insufficient it may be, on her record.

She will be relegated to the outer rungs of society, unable to participate in what most of us would call a "normal" life.

I hope her husband has left her by now.