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    Bad day.

    Hubs commander is at it again his commander is trying to cancel his surgery that is on Thursday! That he already signed the release for like a month ago.

    He is trying to cancel it because it gives john 2 weeks of con leave and it will interrupt him going to his exit physical.

    Well if john doesn't get surgery the exit physical is just going to stop the whole process to send him BACK to surgery..

    Really the idiocy astounds me. John has gone without any pain medications in two weeks because of the surgery. Ultimately anything that delays them from putting us out is in our favor but hubs is tired of hurting tired of his blood pressure being insane not to mention what it might help with his mental health! Even though the medications finally have him stable.

    Anyway they say as long as he goes to his appointments while on com leave he "should" be able to have the surgery. I guess we will see.

    It just really hit home how ill prepared we are to get out. We are trying to sell his truck for emergency moving money but the whole thing is impossible to plan for.

    Everything is upsetting me today and I really just want to go back to bed.
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    Um, the DoD won't pay for your move? It should, unless you have BOTH already used your HOR moves. Even so they will probably return your family to your PLEAD... PM me if you need more info.

    As for the pain, the surgery, and the annoying commanders... husband went thru this way-back-when. Or he would probably still be in the USMC! :hugs:
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    I "think" transportation is going to pay for our house hold goods to move according to some things I've read it depends on The character of his discharge which is why last week we were fighting so hard.
    When I ets'd I used his orders to get house hold goods to ship my stuff and they paid me after I cleared the army and about 2 months after I moved, because i took terminal leave to burn up all those days so I wasn't technically out of the army until after I had already moved and paid for my trip across the country. Which "if" they pay will be a similar situation because we are in housing on post and have to go through all the steps to clear the housing office it basically has to look move in ready for us to move out even though they will paint again and replace the carpet for the new tenants.

    They don't advance money for leaving the army so pretty much paying for the cleaning crew, hotel has and first months rent when we get there is all on us even if transportation packs and moves our stuff.

    But the biggest thing is they still haven't given us any paperwork on his chapter so we can't go ask anyone what we are "entitled" to and it's still probably hopefully going to turn into a medication board when he goes through this last physical just on the basis of what his tdocs are saying. But anything could happen and nothing is certain and no one is being reassuring.
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    Surgery is on for tomorrow wish us luck! And I found two yoga classes for the weekend that are 2.00 a class so I "should" get to go.

    On the even more upside, john spoke with more doctors today and they said va will be at least a 50% disability rating, they told the sgt in hubs unit that he was under medical care and they weren't going to shove him out of the army weeks after he had major surgery so they were just going to have to deal and the lady refused to schedule the second physical till after his con leave is over. On my birthday none the less, so my birthday could rock this year by hearing he will go through the medication board process to be medically retired which would be amazing for us financially, grant is a year to pay off debts save money and make a plan. Or they could offer severance pay or nothing at all. Either way the va is a completely different entity and while hearing that he will be eligible for benefits and money the va is backed up a year and a half and this will not help us with moving costs.

    No one has bought the stupid truck. But it is what it is.
    And while I am still feeling pretty grumpy these are all positive things.
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    Glad to hear the surgery is on...........prayers for successful surgery and full recovery and healing..............I hope your birthday rocks because husband is medically retired and you get the best possible financial, emotional, physical and mental outcome...........and the highest level of benefits possible.....AND, that your truck sells too!
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    Re- I like the juju your sendin this way.
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    Just getting rid of that insane wacky commander would decrease your stress kevel lots. Hope all goes well with the surgery. I'll be praying for you.
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    Liahona- true... Totally if he gets medically retired he will be sent to a unit for his remaining time is spent trying to heal which I think is what he most needs. He is functioning well at home but still not doing well out of the house, driving, stores, that kind of thing. Anyway he would have a different commander too and no one would be shaming him about the break down.
  9. recoveringenabler

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    Thinking of you today, a big day..............surrounding your husband and your family with lots of loving, healing vibes, today and for all the time he and you all need for him to be completely healthy............let us know how it went...........