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  1. Jena

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    i just smudged my first house.... lol

    I've been reading alot lately about energy, been attempting to do chakra meditation, etc.

    talked to this fascinating woman yesterday in shoppe in town, she sells sage, smudge sticks, all sorts of interesting stuff. they hold meditation groups there, etc.

    yes i'm all about the natural remedies as you know.... the inner cleansing :)

    so her and i were talking about my home, the negativity, difficult child slowly seeming to get better with-o the add on of that addtl medication yet using the cbt. also easy child and huge shifts negativity defiance in her.

    she said cleanse the house. i laughed she said you've learned alot so far yet you have a ways to go with how energy works, spirits etc. cleanse it.

    so this morning i did. felt a little funny at first. yet once i began it, it was actually pretty interesting... granted our home smells like pot now. difficult child was laughing at me a bit, probably thinking mom's truly cracked up now. yet i thought opening her mind to "other" approaches is a good thing.

    so she got smudged also, bought her a worry rock yesterday to keep in her pocket it's actually made out of lithium. believe it or not.

    so we'll see... apparently my house easy child's room in particular should feel lighter in an hr. i felt at peace doing it, super calming.

    anyway figured id' share, with all we try why not try a little smudging? it worked well for the indians..... :)
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    I'm glad you feel calmer.
    I'd love for easy child/difficult child to come home and think you were doing pot. She could accuse you and you could spend the next hr laughing, which would only convince her all the more that you were doing pot.
    THAT would certainly change the dynamics of your home!

    I spent this morning listening to classical music and stamping designs on tiny spice bags, and then filling them with-lavender I'd dried all winter. Had a very bad harvest--only filled one bag. I usually have a dozen. I added a drop of lavender and a drop of jasmine to soften the turpentine smell of the heads. I'm going to find something lighter, maybe rose for the next one.

    While I was doing this, difficult child was in the LR playing a violent video game. I turned up the classical music to drown out the sounds of machine guns.

    Life is so weird.

    Gotta go get him doing something else right now ...
  3. Jena

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    lol tha'Tourette's Syndrome great stuff. yet very interesting im finding lately. there truly is a way to tune them out, find that inner peace to survive it happily. sounds like your mastering it also.

    i want to get some cd's also, kids have trashed most of mine. past few weeks besides the kids insanity i'm really liking my own little circle of life right now that i'm slowly creating. can not believe i've deprived myself for so long........

    i'm also finished with the play i've been writing also.. lol dont' ask. i just started writing one night 30 pages couldnt' stop it was odd. so i'm submitting it to a few competitions for playwrights in new york, minimal prizes yet it's interesting to put it out there see if anything comes of it. next is saving up for my easel so i can start painting again