Anger Management??



Anyone attend Anger Management?

My psychiatrist suggested I contact difficult child's psychiatrist regarding anger management programs. difficult child has a lot of anger. Well, a lot of impulsiveness because he gets angry. Then there is me, who lately just totally blows up. And when i do, I just get on a roll and say many things to him I shouldn't.

counseling doesn't work with difficult child. he hates it. doesn't talk. Says waste of time and money. So, I stopped is therapist appointment's.

I was wondering if there are anger management programs that we both could attend together.

anyone try this?


Here we go again!
Which of his medications addresses the anxiety/depression? I would bet that is part of the reason for his poor anger control.

When my husband went on Paxil, his ability to stay "cool" under stress improved tremendously. Maybe even as good as when he was on Adderall XR. He just doesn't blow up as often or to the degree that he used to.

If I forget to take my medications, I'm an irritable, hot-headed b!tch. It's amazing once I take them... I feel like it's a hot summer night and I've had a cool, crisp cotton sheet laid over me and all the tension evaporates.

Anyway, perhaps his medications need adjusting first. Then he might be more open to therapy. Would he read a book on the subject if it were written for someone his age? What about a social skills group, with peers and some role playing activities?


I would love a social skills group. He would not. He would not read either. No medications for anxiety. Tried that and he was totally out of control. Lamictal is suppose to help with depression as well as a mood stabalizer. I think I will call psychiatrist's office next week just for info on different groups. too bad psychiatrist is in another town.


Your own problem could be the Strattera you're taking. It's an odd choice for straight anxiety/depression (it's prescribed for ADHD because clinical trials proved it ineffective as an AD), and it's been known to cause anger, irritability and mood swings in kids. Ask your own psychiatrist about the Strattera. difficult child will do better if you're doing better.

by the way, Wellbutrin might be a good choice for difficult child. It's the least likely of all ADs to induce mania.


I was at psychiatrist yesterday. Telling him about my anger blow-ups. Very short fuse and I just blow. Most of the time set off by difficult child. psychiatrist..asked if the Strattera was working at all. I told him I do not notice any difference. Told him I am going to be looking into HRT. I also told him the only thing that ever really helped me was when I was on Paxil. Helped the hot flashes too. But I was on that for many years, and about 18 months ago had to quit. dosage was too high, was getting side affects. psychiatrist insisted on raising the Strattera from 60 - 80 mgs. I told him this was my first refil at 60mg's and it hasn't even been two weeks. He gave me samples to increase to 80mgs for now, and a prescription to change to 80 for next refill.

I tried Wellbutrin. Blood pressure went through the roof. I hung on for quite a while hoping it was just an adjustment period. If difficult child had any affect like that he would freak out. my heart was pounding out of my body. With his anxiety if that happened to him he would insist on an E/R visit.


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I am beginning to see that pattern with my son. Even though Strattera has a cumulative effect, he seems to be irritable in the morning after I give it to him. Prior to taking it he is more flexible.