Angry, violent daughter.

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    I need some advice, because I am at a complete loss. Recently my daughter was diagnosed with depression after an overdose. She is 15 and has always had mood swings and anger management problems, but after the overdose things have become worse than ever.
    She was put on Prozac which does help when she takes it. Lately, she has developed a pattern of ditching class at school and running away. I have removed her cell phone and her Facebook which she was using to contact friends to come pick her up.
    This week has been hell. She has run away once, threatened and pushed me so badly we had to call the cops twice. Once she told me to watch it while I am sleeping.
    Tonight she is in a rage over her cell phone. She is up in my face, yelling throwing stuff, tearing up her room. She can't seem to rein it in. Its just getting worse and worse. I walk away from her but she will follow me around to yell and be verbally abusive for hours on end. It is much worse this week than it ever has been before. I have placed a call to her psychiatrist, but I don't know what he can do to help. We are scared of her and my son is suffering because of her outrageous behavior. Any ideas or suggestions will be great!
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    In your state can she be put in a psychiatric hospital? If she is threatening you and dangerous the can put her on a hold while you do paperwork to be a medical guardian for her (in our state I recently found out that at 16 kids can refuse mental health treatment but there are still ways they said so .... another here said in their state it is 14)

    she sounds too unstable and she needs to be in a safe place. It is scary when your child is that aggressive. I have been there just in the past month. I hear you, you are not alone here for sure. Many of us here!

    YOU did the right thing with the cell phone. Do you know if there are drugs involved. If she gets to a hospital, have her tested right away.

    THere are some here who have had their kids on prozac and it can make them RAGE

    If you are seeing an increase since the prozac.... STOP IT there are others you can try. My son fell apart after three drugs over his life span (he is 14 soon 15).

    If you feel the need, call 911 but tell them it is a medical emergency and you want her to go to a psychiatric hospital that way they should not put her in jail. IT really does sound like she may be having a drug reaction and if not, then you can deal with more traditional law enforcement issues if you choose. They will keep her if they know she threatened you (watch out in your sleep) and she is causing major damage. She may be bi-polar and if so, prozac could be a terrible choice for her causing mania.

    hang in there, keep posting...others will be along who can relate much better than I so stick with us. You are among friends
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    My first question, since I lived through it, when a teenager is suddenly dangerous and worse is could she be using recreational drugs or drinking or both? Also, can you give us some of her background and early development? Is she a biological child? Doe she live with both parents? Any psychiatric problems on either side of her genetic family tree?
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    Same thing I was thinking....sounds like difficult child was a violent, HUGE B after she got involved with drugs...
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    Been there. SCARY. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received from this board - she gets violent? Call the cops. It's a domestic violence charge (if you follow through). Yes, it's ugly and scary - but in many cases the ONLY way to get her help (esp if you are broke as a lot of us are) is to get her in the system. (And then you have to jump through their hoops, which can be a real PITA, but not being attacked/beat up/having your things destroyed can be so worth it.)

    MWM has some good questions - having more information would really help.

    And... more :hugs:
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    If you think that she has gotten worse since starting the Prozac, call the psychiatrist and tell him you want to step her off of it and try something new. My son was on Celexa and it was AWFUL!! He was so much more aggessive and made physical threats towards me. There are other medications that you can try.

    If you are really afraid for your safety and the safety of your son, call the police and tell then that you need help. You should not have to live in fear in your own home and neither should your son.