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  1. For daughter-difficult child it is the first anniversary of her "becoming legal" (to buy/drink alcohol).

    For us it plus 1 day will be the anniversary of a phone call where daughter-difficult child told us how she endangered her own life, endangered the animal she was "pet sitting", endangered the home she was house sitting, and all it's contents!

    that afternoon we got a call....

    "I woke up and the front door was wide-open and the dog is gone!!!...

    ...But I locked the door and set the alarm after my friend's left!...


    okay sweetie... you just keep telling yourself that!

    We warned the ppl who had asked her to house sit that we didn't think it was wise to have her house-sit especially on her 21st birthday. They looked at us like we were crazy for not trusting our own daughter.

    They told us not to worry... THEY trusted her!
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    Well, guess they will learn why you warned them! I am amazed that other people are so willing to trust our difficult children!
  3. Thanks Janebrain! (and thanks to your avitar, I now want a tail!) ;)
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    I too am AMAZED at how people trust our difficult children and do NOT trust us parents. It is bizarre and a little twisted. My guess, it's their own past, their own issues, their own defenses.

    TALAN...No doubt these memories are haunting ((((((hugs)))))) You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    I wouldn't trust a easy child to house sit on their 21 st birthday. The ignorance and naivety of some people just blow my mind.