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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Tomorrow is difficult child's IEP meeting. This is the first year I'm not too worried but just when I think like that we'll probably get an unpleasant surprise.

    It has been a good school year for difficult child behaviorally. Don't get me wrong he is far from perfect but he likes his staff, they seem to really like him and are good at not pushing his triggers.

    Hopefully there will not be many changes made to his IEP at least in the behavioral realm of things.

    I do wonder if it is time to be asking for more adaptive technology for him but I'm not sure what that would include. He still is so far behind his grade level, still academically at about a first grade level. With husband and I both being teachers and having helped many students learn to read and write over the years it is hard to see him at this level, especially since he does not have a cognitive disability (but does have a cognitive disorder). He is going to be starting some reading tutoring outside of school and I really hope it helps. Every once in awhile I start to wonder if he will be reading by the time he graduates. It's scary that he is still at a 1st grade level in 6th grade.

    The interesting part of the meeting is his case manager wants him to be at part of the meeting which I think is a good idea because he needs to become more aware and more of an advocate for himself. on the other hand, it could backfire because he doesn't like to admit he has any disability!
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    I hope his IEP goes well. Also being a former Special Education teacher and in accelerated classes my whole life, it is heartbreaking to see my kids struggle in school and hate reading. It often reduces me to tears that I can't find a way to break through their academic issues.
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    I'd have him come in and meet the team and hear about how well he is doing this year... then have him leave. I think he is probably still too immature to positively contribute, especially when his deficits are discussed. Good luck tomorrow!
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    I like TM's suggestion, but this is something I hadn't really thougth about. you're right, at some point, we do need to teach our kiddos to advocate for themselves.

    Thanks for the brain food.

    Good luck tomorrow.
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    Sharon ~ good luck at the mtg tomorrow. I expect this will be learning experience for difficult child. kt is included in her IEPs & now her quarterly staffings. She's learning what the adults see & expect from her while being able to share her concerns.

    I've fought for adaptive technology for years ~ have never won that fight. I wanted the keyboard thingamabob what's it called for the tweedles. In 9th grade neither of them can write worth a hoot & now struggle with using a keyboard. Hope you can find some help in that area.

    Again, keeping fingers crossed for a positive outcome to the IEP.
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    We're having difficult child 2's annual review Friday. I hope yours goes well. I'm trying to gather my thoughts and figure out what I want addressed. There are accommodations that his teachers are not consistently providing, and I'm frustrated. But I also feel like it's nearly the end of the year, so why make waves? I know that's bad.

    With regard to having your difficult child at the meeting, I've often wondered at what age that's appropriate. I'm meeting with his middle school support staff next month to discuss his transition, and they absolutely want him there. Which is funny to me because difficult child 1 has never been invited to his 504 meetings, and he's 2 years older!

    Maybe it's just the school...

    I just ordered an e-book from a parent/advocate who's part of our local SELPA community advisory committee and whom I met last night at the monthly meeting. She's got a great workbook for how to format your requests for accommodations based on proven need (as defined by diagnosis, testing, etc.) Sometimes knowing what to ask for is the hardest part.

    Let us know how your meeting goes today!
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    Good luck! K's Nuero-psychiatric just sat her down and explained all of her findings and why we did the testing. I thought that was pretty neat.
    I think in the future it would be nice to have her come to meetings. We have talked to her about why she gets "extra" help.
    Of course she always thinks it is because it is because she is special with her special powers. LOL
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    toto that was funny!

    Good luck at the meeting tomorrow!!!!!!!