Another cross fingers / strength vibes this way-thread

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    Hey, we should form a telepathy club and send good thoughts each others' way! *Crossing and sending*

    difficult child arrives tomorrow night. I'm either very zen or extremely worried about it, because at this point, I don't feel too much other than a vague hope things turn out okay for as long as they can.

    A relative and his friend called to offer to pick her up at the airport with me, which is always a huge plus - she'll be in charm mode, and that'll hopefully last long enough for me to go to bed. I'm fleeing the country Tuesday to see the old folks (yay!), the same folks which she mooched ANOTHER trip from, so looks like January is Sanctuary month. After that, I don't want to think.

    The man that still co-owns the apartment with my parents came by today to ask about difficult child and give me some stuff to send my folks. When I told him we're very concerned about difficult child returning his key back to him when she leaves again (she'd get or take it back when she returns, probably... but oh, one can dream), he gave me the Meaningful Look of Meaning and told me he'd had huge issues with this when he'd lent her the keys before and then asked them back.

    He made me swear I would never tell my parents about her behavior, since it was so worrying and shameful, and then proceeded to tell me about how she had lied to him: avoided him: manipulated, been disrespectful, been unconcerned for her own safety, had too many people over at strange hours, trashed the place and having him clean up, etc, etc.

    I was shocked and amazed... that this was the worst he'd seen of it. :sick: What, that all you got?

    He really thought this was somehow unfamiliar territory to us. It was one of those moments dealing with people outside of the difficult child circle when you realize they really have no clue how bad it is and want to chuckle at their blue-eyed innocence, but can't because how could you explain the funny?

    I think he was expecting me to be tainted by association, since when he first came in he made a point of telling me "I'm not getting involved in any of your family business", but when I calmly made it clear to him we fully understand this is our problem and have no intention of dragging him into it or expecting support, help, whatever, he was pretty easy to work with and promised to make sure the keys were returned. I mean, it IS his keys, but since last year he sounded none too unhappy about the prospect of never having to deal with difficult child again, no matter what. Uff.

    I'm fine now, and I think I'll somehow get through tomorrow, too, but please send some good vibes / strength / luck / rhino skin this way. Just in case. Knock on wood with crossed fingers.
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    Good vibes/luck/rhino skin/force field of serenity/mega headphone headed your way!
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    Good luck!

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    Good luck! Keep that zen thing going.