Another Day 25 and one more to go!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Dec 10, 2008.

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    As some may know, we are taking difficult child off of medications. On his first step down from 30 mg - 20 mg per day, he had one bad day two days after the step down. I think this was a fluke because the medication change would not have had a chance to take effect yet. Almost increased back to 30 but he had a great day the next day and I told the nurse I wanted to give it the weekend before deciding.

    No more problems until Day 25. Major - He lost his dad in Scheels and felt like jumping from the balcony. Even though he used his tools and coping skills to keep control, we were faced with the decision to halt the stepdown again. Flouxetine is Prozac which can cause suicidal thoughts. difficult child is not suicidal but his self harming thoughts could lead him to death or serious injury. I researched Flouxetine and found that it could take up to 25 days to take effect or show withdrawal symptoms. I decided to continue the step down since the next 5 days were fine.

    I don't remember any problems on Day 25 in November. Today is Day 25 from 10 mg daily to 10 mg every other day. He told me that in math today he became very nervous but he did his breathing exercises and his nervousness disappeared immediately. YEAH!!!!! :) (I wasn't even keeping track of the days - how bizarre)

    On December 15th, he gets his next stepdown. He is going OFF!!! YEAH!!!!

    I can't believe how smoothly this is going! (knock on wood) I do have a feeling though that he has some work to face. He needs to continue to recognize when his anxiety is rising and if he wants to stay off the medications, he must control it himself - no one can do this for him.

    Hopefully between the two of us, we will recognize a need for medications before a crisis happens again.

    I am so proud of the work he has put into this. He has come amazingly far since August 2007. Wow!!!
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    Good thoughts, prayers and body parts crossed that he makes it through the final step down with little or no problems. :angel:
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    Thats great that you spent time researching and understood the reason for his behavior.

    I'm hoping that he continues doing well, and i'm sure your positive outlook on this is helping him greatly.