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    Kiddo had her first checkup in over 2 years, and as always she's ridiculously healthy. Got her hep-A booster, and we're going to start her on BCP's - to see if they moderate her apparently hormonal moodswings. (Or make things worse, eh?) It's also a test to see if she'll tolerate Depo shots down the road. I don't ever see her being able to make rational choices about sexual activity, so I figure getting her on Depo soon as we know will keep at least one sort of Unintended Consequence out of the picture.

    So, someone called CPS - either the school because she was ranting about locks (locking in with her at night is a change in her life and thus rant-worthy) or the doctor's office just as a general CYA call, which honestly I can't argue with. CPS immediately forwarded the report, best I can figure, to FPS - which is an intervention agency for "softer" cases. Meaning, CPS trusts me and the household to be keeping her safe and out of danger, but wants someone to check things just to see if we need any additional help (that they can afford.) Yes, we've had encounters with them before in this state, based on Kiddo's "creative" use of language.

    (See, "he beat me" can mean someone hits you, or it can mean someone can win in arm-wrestling, or chess, or in a game of wits. Oh those auties and their inability to manage idiom! Consider that a heads-up for those of you who might run into that someday.)

    The funniest was back in the last state where we lived, an apartment complex where we were doing some respite care of another autie boy for a friend. He could be loud but was largely non-verbal, and Kiddo was her own kiddo playing on a computer.

    So a neighbor called, saying we were dealing meth, and the boy was screaming "Daddy don't hit me!!!" When we reported this to Dad, he had a real jaw-drop before he busted up laughing. And the looks on the CPS visitors was priceless, when they walked into a clean apartment with nice furniture and no roaches. When Perfect Enough Child walked in, and heard what the accusations were, SHE busted up laughing. They interviewed everyone, apologized profusely, handed us their cards, and walked out relieved that they didn't have to rescue anyone.

    Oh, we've had others - Kiddo picking through the trash at school, when an aide asked what was up she whined "I'M HUNGRY!!!" When CPS showed up and told me what was up, I took them to the fridge and showed the large stock of eggs, salad, vegetables, and explained Kiddo's diet. We've also had "check-ins" with school nurses who were worried that because she wasn't getting the usual assortment of Carb, Sugar, Carb, Carb and Cookies that her meals were inadequate.

    Well, I'm happy to report that she's 5'3", 124.5 lbs, BiPolar (BP) 95/58. :)

    So, we already know that CPS aren't the Kitchen Police, they're not the Evil Stepmothers, the vast majority (and every one I've encountered) knows what bruises are normal and what are reportable, and are more than willing to be rational and realistic. Plus the local deputy who deals with these reports is familiar with special needs behaviors - amazing for a rural county far off the beaten path. I love living here!
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    well you knew it was coming. smile.

    my son imitates and He says " you hit me" or "because you hit me" over and over. ( from my saying that when he wanted to know why He couldn't have something)

    this has gone on for years and years. I've always thought I'd hear from cps over that some day.......
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    difficult child was 5 when he had a lesson on the dangers of alcohol. The teacher asked if anyone's parents drink and drive. difficult child was eager to raise his hand and say, "My dad drinks and drives!". husband doesn't drink. difficult child is 25 and I am still mortified thinking he said that. I work in that school.
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    I am glad her checkup went well. I hope she not only tolerates the BCP, she doesn't fight them or the depo shot or more long term birth control methods.

    It is awesome that you are not worried about CPS, and that past experiences have been positive AND are being taken into account during this contact. It can REALLY help to have them on your side, and not just with therapy, etc.... If you ever have to ask the courts for services rather than other things, or CHINS petitions, etc... having CPS know all you have done to help your child can make a giant impact. Especially f you ever need to establish guardianship once she is 18.

    I hope this goes as smoothly as is possible.

    Could you do us a favor? It is difficult to keep everyone's info straight so we use signatures to help remind each other (and sometimes ourselves, or at least myself) of the details like age, board name, diagnosis, medications. You do NOT have to, and you don't have to give the info I suggested. It does help us make our information truly applicable and helps us not confuse you with other members. Thanks!