Another Depakote Question

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bugsy, Feb 8, 2008.

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    We have been titrating my son up and am wondering about people experience. I have read a TON but nothing is more reliable than actual experience.

    He started in January at 250mg/day. His blood level was 56.
    Then it was upped to 375mg/day. After a week or so his blood level was 55.
    Next and currently, it was upped to 500mg/day.

    Do you think we should see any benefit yet? He doesn't seem manic with that rambling non-stop talk and his body seems calmer but no way would I say he is doing well. (for those of you that read my post last night I was the one crying-so I would certainly not say he is doing well.)

    Next blood draw is Tuesday and psychiatrist appointment is Friday but I was just wondering about real experiences.

    Do you think we have a while more to titrate up? He is 6 weighs 72lbs.

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    Others can confirm this but I THINK psychiatrist told me therapuetic blood leve was in the 65 to 100 range- I don't know if that would be different for different age groups and I might not have it exactly right. But it sounds like you shouldn't worry too much on that dosage.